Wall’s Old Fashioned: Miami’s Hidden Ice Cream Gem

The term “old fashioned” is normally not a very pawsitive way to describe something. I know I wouldn’t like it if someone said that my Tropical Hawaiian T’s were old fashioned, outdated, or out-of-style….because, obviously, I am totally fashion and totally in style.

Wall’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream parlor, what I am claiming to be Miami’s hidden ice cream gem, is only the ‘totally cool’ type of old-fashioned in name and in decor (Think 1950s diner. Checkered floors and poodle skirts. Ok, no poodle skirts but I just love me some sexy poodles).

And the ice cream? Pawfectly delectable and drool-worthy. From ice cream sundaes to banana splits and everything in between, Wall’s is exactly what you would expect a mom & pop ice cream parlor to be; friendly, family-oriented, fresh and quite delicious!

Check out the time the human and I decided to go on a little adventure to taste our way through Wall’s!

Wall's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Miami
Wall’s is the pawfect spot to eat some ice cream and watch cartoons (outside of your house, of course). They have outdoor seating and TV screens playing cartoons.. Can I request some Scooby-Doo?
Wall's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Miami Parlor
The human insisted we take some photos before I got messy with the ice cream. Do you see that on my mouth? At the very, very tip of my mouth? Yup! That is drool! Human, LETS GO EAT ICE CREAM!
Miami Ice Cream Wall's
FINALLY! Inside Wall’s. Happy as a hungry, hungry hippo about throw down on some serious dairy treats. 😀
Wall's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Miami Doggy Bone Treat
Oh? What’s this? A special doggie ice cream, just for me??? (check the milk bone!!) Wall’s is super pet friendly. If you take your furry friends, they will give you a free doggie ice cream just like the one seen here.
Wall's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Miami Brain Freeze
Hami Tip: make sure to go slow with the ice cream!! Too much excitement = brain freeze!
Sprinkled Ice Cream at Wall's Miami
The doggie ice cream was delicious and all but my pawsonal favorite? The human’s ‘party in a bowl’, as she called it. Sprinkles galore!
 Wall's Sprinkled Ice Cream Miami
Another very useful Hami Tip: Make sure to floss and wipe your mouth before taking a selfie with you ice cream. 😀
Wall's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Miami Fudge
Wall’s has more than just Ice Cream! Check out their homemade fudge. From chocolate to pistachio and even pumpkin flavor, just in time for the fall pumpkin-flavor craze! #PumpkinEverything
Free Ice Cream for Kids at Wall's Ice Cream Miami
For all those that have fur-less babies, check it out! Free Baby Cones for all those little ones that are vertically challenged, just like me!


Up For A Challenge?

If you are REALLLLLLYYYY in the mood for ice cream, make sure you order The Great Wall of Ice Cream. It is a mammoth-sized dessert made of 12 flavors of ice cream, bananas, brownies, 2 wet toppings & 2 dry toppings, whipped cream and a cherry on top! If you somehow manage to eat the whole thing, you will get your picture taken and placed on The Wall of Fame…. Can we say sugar rush? 😀

Interested in visiting Wall’s? Find out more info here.



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  1. Hi Hami! We couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment for your Q&A session (momma is tech-challenged). Anyway-great questions AND even better answers! Bruiser would like to know where you find your fab bow ties…Shamrock just wants to hang out and devise a plan for Scottie world domination…Sadie send kisses. ??

    • hahahah don’t worry about it. In order to be able to leave comments in the posts, you have to be IN the post page…EX: (https://hamiinmiami.com/getting-to-know-hamilton-barkley-qa/)…If you click that, you should see the comments section all the way on the bottom. But enough about the tech talk, atleast you were able to ask your question!! hahah The human currently gets all my apparel from e-Bay believe it or not (bow ties, tropical Ts etc). She gets them from China but beware, the quality and the sizing is NEVER optimal. They might be cheap but you don’t know what you are going to get. And, shipping can take a month. 😀 However….stay tuned….to. some. BIG. news. (shhhhhh)….The human is working on developing some Hami Apparel. (GASP!!!) hahahah hugs, family!!

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