Top 10 Reasons Scottish Terriers are Hands Down the Cutest Puppies

Top 10 Reasons Scottish Terriers are Hands Down the Cutest Puppies

Sure, we might be a little biased (maybe a lot biased?) but we think that Scottish Terriers are the cutest puppies in all the land.

We feel so strongly about this statement that we are willing to bet $15 that after you review this list, you will get an overwhelming urge to hug & cuddle a Scottie puppy. Scottish Terrier puppies are freakin’ adorable and that is a fact, not an opinion, and here is why:

1. They are spunky and full of life.

Scottish Terriers
Just look….LOOK AT THIS FACE!!

2. They are fearless, often laughing in the face of danger.

Scottish Terrier
Who’s the toughest, most bravest puppers in the world?

3. Ear Floof: They have lots and lots of Ear Floof (Aka: Ear fluff).

Scottish Terrier
Some would call it a bad hair day. We call is adorable.

4. No other puppy can rock a bowtie better than them.

Scottish Terrier
That’s a dapper puppy if we ever did see one!

5. They make friends wherever they go.

Scottish Terrier
Like two peas in a doggie-pod!

6. Did we mention ear floof…Curly, wet ear floof?

Scottish Terrier

7. As they get older, they trade-in their shark-sharp teefers for the cutest little doggie teef around.

Scottish Terrier
I meannnn…are these not the cutest teeth you have ever seen?

8. They are more like 4 animals rolled into one: a pig, a bear, a bunny and a dog.

Scottish Terrier
4 pets in one adorable package. WINNER!!

9. They even look adorable as cows…Holy Cows, that is.

Scottish Terrier
No, just…NO! Our heart is melting…Holy Cuteness Overload!!

10. They are the reason the term “puppy eyes” was invented.

Scottish Terrier
Take our money…we want all the Scottish Terriers ever!!!!

Do you see what we mean?
Scottish Terrier are just too cute to handle. We told you so!

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