A Stroll Through Coconut Grove

There are two questions that when asked by the human, are always responded to with a resounding “yes!”.  The first is, “Do you want a treat?” (because, I mean, duh!) and the second is, “Want to go for a walk?”.  Hellz to the Yeahz!!! Put the leash on me, grab the doggy poop bags and let’s rock & roll!

On one particularly nice Sunday morning, when the sun was just starting to rise and the thick, sticky, hair-frizzing humidity hadn’t yet made its appearance,  the human and I decided to visit one of the oldest continuously inhabited neighborhoods in Miami…Coconut Grove, known simply to us Miami-ans as, The Grove.

The Grove is one of Miami’s most pedestrian-friendly zones; a charming bohemian oasis filled with shops, cafes, boutiques and galleries. And most of them, very pet friendly! It is the perfect spot for a Sunday morning stroll.

Cocowalk Coconut Grove Florida
Located in the heart of The Grove is the iconic Cocowalk. Cocowalk is frequently at the top of visitors ‘to-do’ lists as it a tranquil outdoor shopping & dining destination. If you travel with your pawfect pets, make sure you bring them, very pet-friendly! 😀
Coconut Grove, Florida
Sprinkled throughout Cocowalk and The Grove, are unique mosaic details that make the area very charming and colorful. The pawfect backdrop for a photo opp, don’t you think?
Dog Friendly Coconut Grove
Check me out on this fountain. Don’t I look cute? I about gave the human a heart attack right after this photo was taken because I almost jumped in the water. I mean? Why not? It looks like a giant bathtub to me and we all know how much I LOVE bath time. 🙂
Dog Coconut Grove Stroll
Oh, what’s that behind me? Some more mosaic patterns? I’ll just go ahead and show you my very regal side profile.
Dog in tie Coconut Grove
I would like to call special attention to my mini-tie….Don’t tell anyone but I picked this tie out from the lot on the off chance that we would happen to find some fur-ladies along our stroll 🙂
Peacock Coconut Grove Dog
Some other charming and colorful things that I found during the leisurely stroll? A peacock. A giant, fake peacock. Thank god it was fake (for the peacocks sake) because if it would have been real, I would not have been able to contain my macho rage.
Palm Trees Coconut Grove
After walking for a while, the human and I stumbled across a path lined by my favorite, palm trees! You know what that means; pee-mails galore!!



Some Other Things To Do in Coconut Grove

If you plan on visiting Miami, make sure you take a couple of days to spend in Coconut Grove. There is lots to do! Way more than just Cocowalk. In future posts I will be featuring: Vizcaya Museum & Gardens as well as the Kampong Botanical Gardens. Just need to find the time to go on some more adventures!!

Did You Know…

The Grove has been called ‘home’ by some world-famous-bad-asses. A few include Jimmy Buffett (frequently found drinking Margaritas), Robert Frost (he took the road less traveled and ended up in Coconut Grove), and Alexander Graham Bell (he definitely phoned home).


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