The Standard Hotel: Pet-Loving Tropical Oasis

The Standard Hotel
Check out my Pawsome Rubies Pet Shop Boutique Hat. I’m totally stylin’ & profilin’.

The Standard Hotel & Spa in the heart of Miami Beach, is the pawfect place to relax, enjoy a delicious meal or simply have a weekend getaway.

Amidst peaceful tropical gardens, The Standard is less of a “hotel” and more of a spa with guest rooms. The whole place just screams relaxation.

Miami locals frequently hang out at this hotel to get away from the hustle-and-bustle of the city, which is exactly what I did on a fine Sunday morning a few weeks ago.

The Hotel

Located in Belle Isle, steps away from the action on South Beach, The Standard features an array of soothing rooms with private terraces that all surround a lusciously green garden. A pee-mails dream!

During my visit, I managed to explore every nook & cranny of the garden and all of the strategically placed art pieces, lounge chairs and hammocks!

Check it out:

The Standard Hotel
Hey, pawblicist. Can you please get me my hat before proceeding on the hotel tour? I need it to protect my eyes from the sun…and to look painfully sext. Kk, thanks.
The Standard Hotel
And so we begin. Here is the start to the luscious gardens I was telling you about. Yes, the grass is fake, but the sculpture I am standing on is very real.

The Standard Hotel
This? Just a little swingin’ fun to get the heart pumping. Hurry up and take the pic human, I’m falling off and loosing my ‘cool’ status.
The Standard Hotel
Hey, Standard decorators. Consider this my direct request for a hammock thats not made of net material. I wanted to lay and chill the morning away but my little paws kept getting stuck. Pft.
The Standard Hotel
LOLz. I might have left a pee-mail anyways. I do what I want. Just kidding. Ok, maybe I’m not.
The Standard Hotel
All this tour giving has got me feeling exhausted! Time to sit back and relax on these plush chairs. That’s right, look how happy I am.
The Standard Hotel
Hey, ladies…..How YOU doin’?

The Food

Located in the Standard hotel, The Lido Restaurant & Bayside Grill is the pawfect place to eat fresh while enjoying the warm Miami weather. Taking inspiration from a transitional Mediterranean diet and lifestyle the menu features organic meats, fish, olive oil and wine. Yes, Please!

The Standard Hotel
Nothing like the smell of salt, sea and sun, as well as a massive hotel tour, to make you work up an appetite!
The Standard Hotel
Yes, hi…I will take one of everything on the menu, please. And bring me extra feta cheese. Kk, thanks.
The Standard Hotel
Wanna hear a joke? What do you call bad Mediterranean food?…Give up? FALAWFUL….Which is the exact OPPOSITE of the deliciousness  had at the at The Lido. 😛

If you are looking for a grab-and-go option, then you have to check out the Standards Juice Cafe & Terrace. Cold-pressed juices, sandwiches and snacks? I will take one of each on my way to the Spa, please.

The Standard Hotel

The Standard Hotel

More 411

Something For Everyone:

The Standard comes complete with a super quaint Spa as well as a fitness center, clothing boutique, nail salon and even a Danish bar & lounge.

Make sure to visit their website for a detailed list of other amenities.

Not in Miami? Don’t fret – The Standard also has locations in New York and Los Angeles. Although I cannot vouch for them since I have never been. (You heard that Standard PR Team? Looks like you should totally fly me out to review your other locations 😛 )


The Standard Hotel is the ultimate pooch paradise. Not only do they offer all pooches THE most delicious organic doggie treats when you walk in, but listen to this….Pets. Stay. Free!

In a 2016 interview they said that, “While we have always been what the lodging industry refers to as “pet friendly,” we thought we should take it up a notch and go for “pet loving.” From now on, pets stay free at The Standard Hotels.”

They love pets. I love them. The Standard rocks my 4 socks (my bow tie and my hat)!!

The Standard Hotel
Who’s coming with me on my next day-trip to the Standard? Any takers? 🙂

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