SoulCycle: The Perfect Pre-Thanksgiving Workout

Bring out the stretchy pants and let the countdown commence!!! T-Minus 3 days until my favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving!

As I mentally prepare for the feasting festivities, I am also getting physically prepared.

You see, this year I am  squeezing in some pre-Thanksgiving workout sessions at SoulCycle in order to adequately cancel out the calories that are bound to get consumed.

What Is SoulCycle?

I can tell you what SoulCycle is not…It is NOT your average  indoor cycling studio. They combine the physical (45-to-90 min spinning sessions) with spiritual motivation.

Not only are classes led by super pawsome inspirational instructors, but they are held in the coolest of settings. Lights off, candles lit and to the sounds of some rockin’ music.

At SoulCycle, they encourage “riders to let loose, clear their heads and empower themselves with strength that lasts beyond the studio walls.”

And that is exactly what I went to SoulCycle to find….the strength to finish an entire turkey and still fit into my Thanksgiving TAPs (Aka: Tight Ass Pants).

My SoulCycle Experience

SoulCycle Hami In Miami
Here I am… Ready to sweat it out and crank it up! These sweat wristbands (more like legbands) and headband really got me feeling fit!
SoulCycle Hami IN Miami
The pawsome staff gave me one of their signature yellow bandanas when I arrived. That really PUMPED me up!
SoulCycle Hami In Miami
At first, I had a little trouble reaching the bike pedals (damn you little short legs), but then they lowered the seat to the ‘Scottie level’ and I was able to start pedaling away.
SoulCycle Hami In Miami
At one point during the class, the instructors told us to grab some weights to get some blood pumping in our upper body. A spinning class WITH upper body and weights? I will DEFINITELY be having some seconds during Thanksgiving now. 🙂
SoulCycle Hami In Miami
Post-class and endorphins fully activated! Can you spot me? I’m pretty incognito.
SoulCycle Hami IN Miami Hat
Upon further inspection, I am sure you found me hiding behind the SOUL COGA snapback 🙂 COGA is short for Coral Gables, my hood and the location of my SoulCycle studio! 🙂
SoulCycle Hami IN Miami Hat
Do I look cool or what?

More 411

Currently there are two SoulCycle locations in South Florida, one in Coral Gables and one in Miami Beach. Make sure to check the SoulCycle Website for more information for studios near you as they also have locations in Maryland, New York, California and Chicago.

Also, for those of you who live in South Florida and want to stop by my COGA studio 🙂 you too can prep for Thanksgiving and take the special 90-min Thanksgiving session appropriately called the Turkey Burn. Two sessions will be held; one the day of Thanksgiving and for those of you who wake up feeling guilty, one the day after Thanksgiving.




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