Riding Around Miami In Style: My Snoozer Dog Car Seat

dog car seat
Let’s hit the road!

The moment that the leash comes on, I know it’s time to hit the road and go on an adventure.

A few days ago, the human got me something that has taken adventure-taking to a whole new level. She got me a Dog Car Seat from Snoozer. I know what you are thinking: “A car seat? Isn’t that for like, babies?”

WRONG! You are a big baby if you DON’T have a dog car seat. Not only am I a lot safer in the car but now, I can also see out the window whenever we are riding around town.

Trust me, this is a total game-changer.

Thanks to my Snoozer Dog Car Seat, I now get to ride around Miami (and cross-country) in style, safety and comfort.

My Snoozer Dog Car Seat

dog car seat
Where are we off to?

Go, ahead…Admit it. You are a little bit jealous of my new car seat. I get it, I would be jealous too.

The name says it all, the Luxury Lookout Dog Car Seat from the Show Dog Collection, is made of the most durable (and fashionable) microsuede material, ever! My little balls are as happy as can be. The material is so soft and gentle on them that now the car rides are adventures in and of themselves.

dog car seat
My little balls are feelin’ goooodddd.

Why I LOVE the Luxury Lookout Dog Car Seat:

  • Convenient – the Microsuede cover and pillow are removable for easy washing. This will come in super handy!
  • Safety – it comes with a connection strap that joins the seat belt to the harness so I stay safely in one place.
  • Customizable – available in a variety of fabric/color options. I love the color my human got; the Palmer Indigo.
  • Quality – custom-made and hands-sewn in the US so you know it will last a very long time.
  • Service – one year warranty and a 30 day return policy (although I guarantee you we are not returning this bad boy)

The car seat comes in two sizes; small and medium. The small if for dogs up to 18lbs and the medium for up to 25 pounds. But I believe that they could probably handle a little more weight. I weigh 14 pounds (Yes, I am tiny) and the Small is actually very spacious!

For more details on the car seat sizes, head to the Snoozer website.

dog car seat
I’m happy because I can see out the car. My human & pawblicist is happy because now I safe during our car rides. That’s one happy car!
dog car seat
Yes, human. I’m ready!!! Letsssss gooooo!! 🙂

About Snoozer

Snoozer is a family owned and operated company (yes, those still exist!!). Established in South Carolina in 1985, they have remained true to their motto every since: to manufacture and sell the finest dog beds, car seats, dog sofas and pet accessories at affordable prices.

You can also find Snoozer products abroad! They have a UK Site as well as a site for the rest of the European countries. Now my friends from all over the world can also ride around in style.

Make sure you visit their website to check out all of their pawsome pet products. They have a Facebook and Instagram account where they often showcase happy pups using & enjoying their super comfy products.

I’ve got my eye on one of their Bike Baskets next! I am trying to convince the human to get one so we could use on bike rides to the beach. Get on it, human!

I Saw You Staring At My Collar and Leash

dog car seat
My master says I finally have myself a “man” collar.
Dog car seat
Leather collar and leash…does this mean I an now be called Sir Hamilton Barkley?

Don’t lie… You love my style.

I am wearing the latest leather collar and leash from Jack Foster, created exclusively for Snoozer.

All Jack Foster collars & leashes are handmade from the finest US leather which is then hand-dyed and embellished with copper rivets and brass hardware. Talk about SUPER quality & style. This collar & leash is bound to last me well into my double-digits (10, 11, 12 years of life!).

I am wearing the Golden Oak colored collar but there are 4 other colors to choose from. Check them out here.

Check out this attention to detail! Mr. Matt got my pawsome collar and leash ready on 7/25. Thanks  for hooking a dude up, Matt!

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