Un Cafecito, Una Croquetica: Cuban Food in Miami


When you think of Miami, you probably think of sunny skies, palm trees and maybe even alligators and iguanas. When I think of Miami, I think of croquetas. AKA: food. AKA: Cuban deliciousness.

My humans and I are lucky to live right next to a Sergios Restaurant which means that anytime we go for a walk, they always stop by to get something to snack on and inevitably give me a bite to taste. On this particular Sunday morning, I convinced my she-human (through the use of some very adorable puppy eyes) to stay at the restaurant and eat.

You see, normally we go up to the ventanita (think: a window/walk-up counter where you  order your food to-go or stay to enjoy it at the window, standing and chatting to all those also eating at the ventanita) but today, I felt like sitting at a table and just taking it easy.

Sergios Cafe Miami Cuban Food

On the menu for the day:

Ham croqueta, Chicken Empanada and a Cafe con Leche. History Lesson of the day – the word ‘croqueta’ originates from the french word ‘croquette’ which literally means ‘to crunch’. Croquettes are small breaded and fried cylinders of goodness that are filled to your hearts content. They can be made of chicken, cheese or my favorite, jamon (Ham). So basically, the french invented it but the Cubans perfected it.

Sergios Cafe Miami Cuban Food_Croqueta

Crunchy on on the outside, warm, hammy (the pig-type) and mushy on the inside. The perfect treat. (Don’t worry, the human gave me 1/4 of this deliciousness as a reward for being so cute).

Sergios Cafe Miami Cuban Food

What is an Empanada?

An empanada is a stuffed bread or pastry that is either baked or fried, but let’s be real; fried things taste so much better! Most Latin American countries, think that they have the best empanadas, but I think they are all special in their own way! Eventually, I will be sure to highlight all of the different types of South American empanadas on my blog, but for now, we talk about the cuban chicken empanada at Sergios.

This particular empanada was stuffed  with shredded chicken that had been marinated in citrus juice (orange and lime) and cooked with green peppers and tomatoes. Delicious anytime of the day; breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or even on-the-go!

Lastly, to wash it all down a cafecito con leche which  translates to ‘Little coffee with milk’ in English. A Cafe con Leche is basically an espresso with milk (50/50 ration) and normally already comes sweetened with lots and lots of sugar. It’s more of a dessert than a coffee, really. If you are looking for a coffee to really power you through your day, you need to ask for a Cortadito (or cuban version of an espresso). But we will save that for another post and my next Sergio’s visit. 🙂



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