My Scottish Terrier Meetup in Santiago, Chile

Remember how I told you I visited Chile and that I saw and did a bunch of pawsome things while there?

Well, the best part of my trip: My Scottish Terrier Meetup in the ultra dog-friendly Ines de Suarez park!

Look how amazing this park is, you guys…

Imagine this:
A park for humans with lots of lovely trees, a massive fountain and many nooks and crannies where one can sit back & relax and enjoy the nice summer weather.

Now, imagine that there are lots and lots of dogs. Running here, running there…running everywhere!! While OFF LEASH!! A true doggie heaven.

That is what Parque Ines de Suarez is like on a Sunday afternoon in Santiago, Chile.
The human could not believe her eyes as we walked into the park, looking for our fellow Scottie lovers.

My Chilean Scottish Terrier Family!

There is something to be said about the power of Social Media and the shared love of Scottish Terriers. Although we had never met any of the peeps & pups in Chile, when we got there, we felt like one adorable Scottish family.

Check out my new friends…

The Gorgeous Tomasa – what a queen!
Scottie Meetup
She was so Scottish! She kept to herself, played hard to get and left me enamored. Just look at that face.
Scottish Terrier Meetup
She had a weakness for food though. Once the bag of carrots came out, there was no getting Tomasas attention.
Matilde the Playful!
Scottish Terrier Meetup
Matilde and her ball – like two peas in a pod! All Matilde wanted to do was play fetch. She was soooo quick chasing it and so quick to stop others from taking her ball.
Scottish Terrier Meetup
Ball safely in water bowl. Matilde = happy.
The Whole Gang!

Scottie Meetup

Scottie Meetup

Scottie Meetup

Aren’t we the most adorable group of Scotties you have ever seen? Adorably stubborn that is….

As hard as the humans tried, they could NOT get us to sit still long enough to take a decent group picture ? LOL.

Check out this disastrous attempt:

They eventually gave up and decided to carry us for the picture.  It was still not that easy and the picture… well, let’s just say that us pups look more ready for the picture than the humans.

Scottish Terrier Meetup
Matilde looking for her ball and her human, me and my human, Tomasa and her human and my buddy Rocco with his human. Rocco was only 6 months old and he was soooo fluffy, big and cute.
And then something really serious happened.

A macho Scottie stand off??. Dun, dun, dunnnn….Look at that palpable tension. Look at my wagging tail. ? Chudi (I think that was his name) could have totally taken me.

And then something really funny happened to lighten up all that macho testosterone.

I got walked….by a dog. That’s right. A dog walking a dog.
Hope this makes you smile/laugh as much as it did my humans.

Have you ever been to a Scottish Terrier Meetup, or any other meetup?

Leave us a comment below and tell us where you live and if you have a big community of Scotties there. We would love to plan another Scottish Terrier Meetup and make it a HUGE one.

Who’s in? ??‍♂️

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