Saying I Do to Donuts: The Salty Donut Miami


I know I am a dog and that dogs don’t really ever get married, but if I could, I would totally marry the donuts over at The Salty Donut.

This past weekend, the human went to the Salty Donut & Coffee Bar in the Wynwood Design District and bought herself some artisanal doughnuts. Artisanal? I’m not so sure what that means either but I have a feeling it means; the freshest, most delightfully decadent, to-die-for, tire-shaped pastries, around.

Donuts, You Say?

I could smell these bad boys while the human was in the elevator on her way up from the parking garage. Specifically, the Maple Bacon donut. That’s right. M-A-P-L-E….B-A-C-O-N.


If that name and this photo (above) do not make your mouth water, then this description surely will: 24-hour raised brioche donut with pure maple glaze and Miami Smokers ‘bacon cracklings’.

It was TORTURE to have the donut waved in front of me for this photo-op. I was filled with a deep desire to lick and taste it and throw caution to the wind and devour it. But I was a good boy and I listened to the human when she told me to ‘Leave It’.  You might think this was a cruel form of punishment but the human did give me some of the bacon when the photoshoot was over. Man, was that bacon pawsome!!


The second donut the human brought home, had something called chocolate which I was not allowed to try. Chocolate = not good for handsome dogs such as myself. The Baked Somoa ‘Cookie’ Donut which the human describes as guilt-free goodness, was a baked cake donut covered in coconut milk caramel, toasted coconut, & dark chocolate ganache.


As much as I tried to mind control the human into giving me a piece, she did not budge. Apawrently, there’s another visit planned sometime soon. Next time, I get to tag along. 🙂

Maybe then, I can mind-control the patrons into giving me all of the donuts! I will let you know how that goes.


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