I’m Getting a Brother (Sorta)! My Custom Stuffed Animal Plushie from Petsies

Hami in Miami

You guys, I legit cannot contain my excitement…

{I am getting a twin brother!!!}

Well, sorta… You see, the awesome people over at Petsies reached out to me and asked if I wanted a custom stuffed animal, as in; a Hamilton Barkley replica. That’s right peeps, you read that correctly.

My very own custom-made Hami stuffed animal. A Hami twin!
What is better than one Hamilton? TWO Hamiltons!!

That is why, at the end of the week, I will be heading over to the Petsies offices to pick up Mr. Hami #2 (name still pending), the coolest Petsies Forever custom plushie!

What is a Petsies Forever?

*Photos taken from Petsies Website*

Petsies Forevers are super detailed stuffed animal replicas of your pet. And not just cute dogs; Petsies creates life-like replicas of all of gods-creations like cats, horses, rabbits, rats, birds and more!!

Have a pet armadillo? Yeah, Petsies can probably create a stuffed animal of those little cuties too. 🙂

Their team of designers use detailed airbrushing techniques to capture even the smallest of details of your pet. Check it out:

These hand made, 100% custom Petsies Forevers are valued at $249 but can be purchased online for $149. PLUS, for a limited time only, during the month of July, receive up to $50 off your very own Petsies!!

Make sure to head to their website to learn more. 

For those of you who want a custom plushie but are in a ‘wallet-pinch’, Petsies offers the Petsies Huggables Line

*Photo take from the Petsies Website*

These are just as cute custom pet replicas, only that they are not as detailed and use slightly different materials. Huggables start at $129 but during the month of July you can receive $20 off!

How Does It Work?

The process could not be easier!

  1. Head to the ‘Create Your Own’ page on the Petsies website, CLICK HERE
  2. Pick your plush type: a Forever or a Huggable
  3. Click your pet type: Dog, Cat or Other
  4. Upload a picture of your pet
  5. That’s it!!  

Now you wait for the Petsies team to work their magic. To keep you in-the-loop, the team will send you email updates throughout the entire design and sewing process.

6 weeks later, you will have your custom plush at your doorstep.

That’s what I call – PAWESOME!!

My Twin Brother

The Petsies offices are located in South Florida which is why this week, I will be heading up to their headquarters to pick up Hami #2!

Look how handsome he is!!! He is even wearing the same shirt as me!!!!

Can you guess which one is me, and which one is Hami #2? 😛

I just cannot get over how CUTE I am as a stuffed animal. Is it ok to be in love with myself? Ugh, forgive my narcissism!

With all this excitement and hullabaloo, the human and I have forgotten to give Hami #2 a name. So, we need your help picking a name for my new twin brother.

Below is a list of 4 potential names. In the comments below, tell us what your favorite name is and the name with the most votes will be chosen as the winner! Yippee 🙂

Hami in Miami

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