Fourth Of July Menu Ideas Illustrated with P.L.A.Y Food Plushies

Fourth of July is tomorrow (or today, or has passed…depending on when you are reading this) and I bet you are frantically putting together the finishing touches on your party planning.

You know, you invited a bunch of fur-friends & family over and you committed to hosting the best Independence Day pawty ever known to dog; but, then you forgot that what makes a pawfect party is the food. How could you forget the food?!?! What will you feed your guests?!?!

Fret not, Hamilton Barkley is here to save the day!

With the help of my friends over at P.L.A.Y I’ve put together a list of scrumdiddlyumptious menu item ideas that will surely be a total hit at your 4th of July pawty (or any party, really!).

Fourth Of July Menu Ideas 

Give your guests a taste of what’s to come with a little Patriotic Poochie Pretzel appetizer. Whether small, salty & crunchy or large & soft, pretzels are the pawfect pawty finger food.

Fourth of july

Some hot dogs for your hawt dawgs! Nothing screams ‘Merica quite as much as a Hot Diggy Dog. Make sure you have plenty of toppings available so your guests can personalize to their taste.

Pawsonally, I stick to the basics; good old fashion mustard & ketchup.

Fourth of July

It’s July and it’s hot-as-balls. Make sure to keep your party guests cool with a Mutts Milkshake. Your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard? Yup! This will be a definite crowd pleaser.

Fourth of July


Who doesn’t enjoy a cheat day every once in a while? Have your pawty guests kiss their diets goodbye and make them indulge in a good ol’ juicy Barky Burger and a side of Frenchy Fries!

Fourth of July

Fourth of July

You can’t cook. Now what? 

You’ve read this far into the blog post and you are saying, “but Hamilton, I don’t know how to cook”. Hmmm, that is quite the pickle.

My advice for those of you kitchen-illiterate pups: take-out or delivery!

Fourth of July lands on a Tuesday this year so why not have a Taco Tuesday themed pawty? Sure, Tacos are Mexican but who cares. It’s your 4th of July Party and you do what you want!

Did you invite feline friends to the your BBQ? You should probably consider ordering some Sushi for them. Damn cats, always so finicky.

And there you have it folks, the pawfect Fourth of July menu!

If you follow my advice and have these scrumptious goodies at your party, you will go down in history as the best pawty host in all the land.

Make sure to take some pics and share them with me so I can see how your pawty food turned out!

P.L.A.Y Food Plushies

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