Pawty In a Box Launch Event

A few weeks ago, I was invited to celebrate the launch of Pawty In a Box,  the first ever birthday/gotcha party kits for dogs. A party to celebrate pawties? Sign. Me. Up!!

Pawty in a Box

About Pawty In a Box

Imagine your b-day is quickly approaching and you want your human to throw you a celebratory pawty. The easiest way to convince him/her to go through with the planning? Make the whole process as turn-key as possible. That’s where Pawty In a Box comes in.

Looking to have a black-tie affair? Or maybe a little disco party? All you have to do is pick your theme and order the boxed kit! There are 5 themes to choose from. Each box comes complete with: Invitations, Hats, Bow Tie Accessories, Bowls, Pupcake Wrappers, Pupcorn Boxes, Treat Bags, Placemats & a Banner.

Check out the Pupstache theme:

Pawty in a Box
Pupcorn Bags, Hats and Treats, oh, my! I totally want this theme for my 2nd bday pawty. Reminder: my bday is in April, I expect lots of presents 🙂


Pawty In a Box
Check out the bows ad bow ties!! Can you imagine all your fur-friends dressed like this for your pawty? Pawesome!

Pawty In a Box Launch Event

So now that you understand the concept, do you see why it was so genius that there was a party to celebrate the launch of this new idea?

It was time to put the bow-tie on and have a ball! Here is a recap of the launch event in photos:


Pawty in a box Launch
All events need a step & repeat backdrop for photos. Doesn’t get more official than this!
Pawty in a Box Launch
Those things behind me? Those are the party invitations. Yes, I know, too cute!
Pawty in a Box Launch
No celebration is complete without party hats. Here I am wearing the Pupstache hat. PS: I promise you those stains around my paws are not drool. It’s post-drink drips. It was a hot day!
Pawty in a box launch
If I ever find a fur-lady to marry me, I will definitely choose the Black Tie themed box.
Pawtie in a box
Everybody loves a disco party! Bell bottom pants not included.
Pawty in a box Hami IN Miami
A pool filled with balls? Have I died and gone to dog-heaven?
Pawty in a box Hami In Miami
Oh, me? Don’t mind me at all. I am just here, swinging and chilling. Chilling and swinging. Having a grand old time 🙂

Boxed Kits start at $59.99USD and you can choose from themes such as: Black Tie, Disco, Pupstache, Shabby Chic and You Are My Ruffshine.

For more information, and to order your Pawty In a Box, make sure to visit the Pawty In a Box Website and follow along on Facebook and Instagram!








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