How To Pass The Time During Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is headed your way.
You’ve already bought more canned food and bottled water than you know what to do with.

The tubs have been filled with water and all the potted plants have been brought indoors. You have either placed masking tape on your windows or stepped up the security and grudgingly put up shutters.

Finally, you have lit a few candles and said a few prayers to the weather Gods and asked them to please shoo the hurricane in another direction. Now what?
Sit around and obsess over the news? Complain incessantly that ‘Nobody got time for dat’ stupid cyclone of a hurricane? NEGATIVE!

Today, I share with you how I plan to pass the time during hurricane Matthew in hopes that it inspires you to do the same.

How to Pass the Time During Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew_How To Pass Time_Balls1, Play With Your Balls: because let’s face it, playing with balls is always fun and sure makes the time fly by.

Hurricane Matthew_How To Pass Time_Bone2. Chew On Stuff: Bully stick, bones, dirty socks and treats. What a perfect time to gnaw away your anxiety.

Hurricane Matthew_How To Pass Time_Sleep3. Catch Up On ZZZ’s: The sounds of howling wind and rainfall sure gets me in the mood to snooze. Turn the AC up (while you still have electricity), pull the blankets up and dream that you are lovingly embraced in the arms of your most precious fur-lady.

 Hurricane Matthew_How To Pass Time_Read

4. Pick Up That Book That Has Collected Dust: You know the one that you’ve been trying to finish for the last year? Put on your glasses and get to it. No excuse! Oh, you don’t have power and light, you say? Stop complaining and light a candle. Welcome to the early 1800’s!

Hurricane Matthew_How To Pass Time_Cuddle5. Time to Cuddle: Grab your human and hunker down. You might as well give in and cuddle the time away. I might even allow my human to cuddle me for an unprecedented 10 minutes straight. Maybe… I’m still thinking about it.

More Hurricane Info:

For more information on how to prepare for a Hurricane (for those that need the info or for those that are simply just curious)  make sure you check out Ready.Gov’s page on Hurricane Preparedness.

Stay Safe & Dry My Friends.
xoxo – Hami ‘Aka: Roker’ Barkley

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  1. Hola Sir Hamilton le cuento que para lograr q mi bebé fijé la atención en algo, le digo “cucaracha!!””cucaracha!!!” y mira buscando y ahí aprovechó y le saco foto

    • JAJA!!! No puede ser. Le voy a decir a mi dueña que lo intente. Lo que hace ella es poner un pedaso de queso just en frente de la camara! y ahi me quedo mirando, intensamente!! AMO el queso. 😀

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