Panther Coffee: The Cure to a Holiday Hangover

Panther Coffee
Beer for breakfast? That also cures a hangover…but that is not what it is in this glass☕️.

Panther Coffee

Panther coffee is a Miami-based speciality coffee roaster and shop that has changed the way Miami-ans think about coffee.

Before Panter Coffee came into the scene, Miami natives got their coffee fix from one of two places: their local Cuban coffee cafes (Cafecitos = YUM) or, from a Starbucks (burnt yucky coffee = YUCK!).

Then, in 2011, Panther Coffee opened their first location in Wynwood and nothing has ever been the same since. Small batch roasted coffee? They do that. Lattes, cappuccinos, and nitro coffee? They serve all those deliciously caffeinated beverages!

Oh, what’s that? You’ve never heard of Nitro coffee? Then let me fill you in on the latest coffee trend hitting the craft coffee scene.

About Nitro Coffee

Ok, you know how they add fuzzies (CO2) to sodas and sparkling waters? Well, Nitro coffee is sorta the same thing.

With Nitro Coffee, they add Nitrogen (hence the name) to coffee because this gas blends in/mixes better with liquid. Instead of getting a fizzy/carbonated beverage, you get a thick, creamy and foamy beverage. Yeah, it looks a lot like a Guiness being poured from the draft but I can assure you that there is no ID card necessary to enjoy this drink.

The best part of Nitro Coffee, aside from how deliciously thick and creamy it is, is that the Nitrogen actually makes the coffee less bitter and more sweet tasting. That’s right: a proper Nitro coffee cup needs no added sugar. It is naturally pawfect.

Panther Coffee
The face of a fur-man who is enjoying his fine cup of Nitro Coffee. Holiday hangover? Not anymore!
Panther Coffee
Look at that rich, creamy foam…Nitro coffee is almost better than a fine sexy fur-chica – which happened to be walking by at the exact moment this picture was being taken. LOL
Panther Coffee
Have you ever tried Nitro Coffee?
A Latte Loving

If you are looking for a more traditional cup o’ joe, then you could go for a latte instead. Oh, you like fancy latte art? Well, the peeps at Panther Coffee know how to make art in a cup as well.

Check it out!

Panther Coffee
This latte looks too pretty to drink…or lick.
Panther Coffee
But who am I kidding? I slurped this deliciousness up in 2.5 seconds flat. After the Nitro and this Latte, I was ready to run a marathon! #CaffeineForTheWin
More 411

There are 3 Panther Coffee locations in South Florida: the original in Wynwood, one in Coconut Grove, and another in Miami Beach. For exact locations, make sure to visit their website.

I have visited the Wynwood and Coconut Grove locations and both are semi-dog-friendly. This means that pups are allowed in their terrace and most of the time they will even have a drinking bowl for the furry friends. Only service animals are allowed inside the stores.

For a daily dose of drool-worthy coffee pics, make sure you follow Panther Coffee on Instagram.

How do you enjoy your coffee?? Let me know if the comments below 🙂

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