One Bathing Suit, Three Outfits: 4th of July Edition

I need to start this post off by disclaiming that although I look really cute and cuddly in the photos you are about to see, I am still the rough and tough macho dog you have come to love. Just look at my beard. Does it get more macho than that?

Today’s post is about how my human and I spent the 4th of July. Although I was expecting to go to a BBQ (and vacuum up all the scraps), my human came down with a cold and we were forced to stay home.

She decided that it was a solid idea to take some photos of me fully-drenched with American pride. So what did she do? She got the only thing in the house that had the American flag printed on it and decided to dress me in it: a bathing suit. Below you will find the three outfits she came up with:

Outfit Number One: The Head Wrap
This is my least favorite of the outfits. I mean, I look like a girl in distress. <someone help me!> However, I did appreciate the praise (and the treats) I received for staying so still.



Outfit Number Two: The Manly Scarf
Now, this I can work with. My second favorite outfit of the bunch. I think it gives me a je ne sais qua, a certain air of refinement & class.



Outfit Number Three: The Cape
This is the winner! My favorite of the three outfits. Call me the 4th of July Hero, here to celebrate ‘Merica!!


Which one of the three outfits is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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    • hahah me encanta “potro campeon!!!” asi me siento. Muy macho!! me hiciste reir mucho con la abuelita rusa. jajajaj le tengo que decir a mi duena que ya no me lo haga mas porque abuelita no soy! 😀

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