OMG! Paulie Gee’s Pizza

Chicago or New York.
Who’s got the best pizza?

This is a battle that is as old as time, and really, the answer is truly a matter of opinion. I am of the opinion that all pizza is delicious and both these cities have winning pizzas!

However, ask a New Yorker where the best pizza comes from, and they will probably mention Brooklyns very own Paulie Gee’s pizzeria.

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Paulie Gee’s Pizza

Greenpoint, Brooklyn…Home of the original Paulie Gee’s pizza joint and the most delicious Neapolitan style pizza. Yum, I am drooling just thinking about it.

Having to go all the way to NYC to get a slice of pizza though? Yeah, not the most convenient.

Which is why, I jumped for joy (literally) when I found out that Jason Weisberg agreed to bring a Paulie’s location to my very own backyard, the first southeast franchised restaurant. Woo hoo!

Location & Locale 

Miami’s Paulie Gee’s restaurant is located in the MiMo district, the foodie-centric ‘hood. Remember I visited Loba and Cream Parlor in this very neighborhood? As you can imagine, I force the human to bring me to this zone every weekend. After all, weekends are made for chowing!

The locale? Think cozy industrial. Concrete floors, wood beamed ceilings and worn out walls filled with ‘on-purpose’ peeling paint.

The decor is definitely eclectic! Pin-ball machine? Check. Movie posters? Check. Original features from the old establishment/restaurant, the China Palace? Check!

Hami In Miami Paulie Gee's
Check it out! This was the original sign from China Palace. It can now be found inside Paulie Gee’s. Super, huh?
Hami In Miami Paulie Gee's
Those chipping walls? Yeah, they are totally on pawpose, adding to the mood and vibe over at Paulie’s.
Hami In Miami Paulie Gee's
Oh, my bowtie? I may or may not have planned it. I fit right in! 🙂
Hami In Miami Paulie Gee's
Ok, so heres a little view of the restaurants layout. To the left of me is the pizza oven…and to the right? The bar!
Hami In Miami Paulie Gee's
Wait…you mean I get to order whatever pizza I like?!?!?!?!? YESSSSS!
Hami In Miami Paulie Gee's
Ok, I’m ready to order. Can we take more photographs later? My patience is starting to wear thin, human.
Hami In Miami Paulie Gee's
Table for two, please. That seat? Oh, it’s for that special fur-lady who always seems to be having fun without me in San Diego. You know who you are! 😛
Hami In Miami Paulie Gee's
For this ridiculous shot? Yeah, two pizzas are in order!


But I didn’t go to Paulie’s to admire the interior decor…I was there to eat!

Neapolitan pizza is characterized by a soft, elastic yet tender and slightly charred dough/crust. It is made in an oak-wood fire and is usually cooked very quickly at high temperatures. And Paulie’s Neapolitan pizza is characterized by having quirky toppings. Always fresh, organic and local.

I decided to get myself two pizzas during my visit. Because, duh, two pizzas are always better than one.

Hami In Miami Paulie Gee's
That there oven behind me? That’s where the magic happens!


Hami In Miami Paulie Gee's
First up…a cheese pizza. Some would say this is a boring pick, and I say to you…It’s all about a classic! If you can do a proper cheese pizza, you can do anything.
Hami In Miami Paulie Gee's
Look at that pizza! Just, look at it! Perfectly toasted on the outside, so cheese on the inside. This picture was TORTURE. GIVE MEEEE THE PIZZAAAA!
Hami In Miami Paulie Gee's
The pizza on the right? Best pizza I ever did have!!….The Hellboy: Fresh mozzarella, italian tomatoes, berkshire hot sopressata, parmigiano reggiano and mike’s hot honey…The perfect combo of slightly sweet, spicy and salty.


For all the wine and craft beer enthusiast, Paulie’s has a dream-worthy bar. I may or may not have had a beer or two 🙂

Hami In Miami Paulie Gee's
Oh, me? Just chilling ON the bar! Bartender, a beer, please!
Hami In Miami Paulie Gee's
Size Matters??
Hami In Miami Paulie Gee's
Size Matters….LOLz.

More Information 

If you have reached this far into the blog post it means that you are DEFINITELY craving some Paulie Gee’s pizza.

Make sure you check their website for other Paulie Gee locations Illinois, Ohio and Maryland! And of course, follow them on Facebook and Instagram to get your daily dose #foodporn photos.


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