My Outdoor Dog Tent: The Ultimate Gear for Outdoorsy Adventures

Outdoor Dog Tent
What’s the best way to spend time outdoors? In style & comfort, of course!!

Attention my fellow adventure seeking fur-friends, this post is for you.

To all of you that get excited at the words “want to go for a walk”.
Those of you who love the feeling of sunshine on your fur and the smell of freshly tinkled pee-mails.

To those of you that love outdoor adventures no matter the terrain; from dense forests and sunny beaches to dry deserts and snow covered mountain peaks…keep reading because I’m about to drop some valuable 411 for you!

Have you heard of an outdoor dog tent?
Ah-hah! Don’t worry, your homie Hami B. is here to give you the inside scoop!

Outdoor Dog Tent
Arroooooo Mother Nature – I am ready to take you on, no matter the terrain!!! With my P.L.A.Y Outdoor Dog Tent, I am good to go…anywhere!! 🙂

P.L.A.Y’S Outdoor Dog Tent

Made from ultra-durable outdoor fabric, this Scout & About Outdoor Tent from P.L.A.Y turns any rugged adventure into a breeze. It’s compact and collapsible making it pawfect for easy travel.

You know what that means; your humans have no excuse to not carry your very own portable cozy hideaway with them on all outdoor adventures! (You heard, humans?)

These tents even have mesh sides which provide ventilation and visibility. So you can enjoy the views of the great outdoors while being shielded from rain, or shine!

Outdoor Dog Tent
Hey, how you doin’? You like the inside of my tent? It’s quite spacious, huh?

My Very Own P.L.A.Y Outdoor Dog Tent

My friends over at P.L.A.Y sent me a Scout & About Outdoor Tent so I could take it on my beach adventures (#SandySunday whoop whoop!).

But I was SOOOO excited when the tent arrived, I begged the human to let me give the tent a test drive in the backyard.

Here are a few pics that capture my first experience:

Outdoor Dog Tent
Hey, human. You need some help setting up the tent?
Outdoor Dog Tent
Wait…so you just pull on that string and the whole thing is ready to go?!?!?
Outdoor Dog Tent
Hellz-to-the-yeah! The quicker the setup, the quicker I can start my “glamping”. Oh, you don’t know what glamping is? That’s when you CAMP in a very GLAM way. 🙂
Outdoor Dog Tent
Now all I am missing is a little fur-friend…ahem, Kenzie, to come keep me warm.
Outdoor Dog Tent
Does this tent make me look extra macho?
Outdoor Dog Tent
Hey, human…would you be so kind to go get me a beer? A Newcastle if we got ’em.
Outdoor Dog Tent
ahhhh…this is the life I tell ya. It’s a ruff one, but somebody’s gotta do it.
Outdoor Dog Tent
Human, I believe this is a Dog Only tent. But since you are so pawsome to me, I will let you hang out for a little. Mi Casa es Su Casa.
Outdoor Dog Tent
awwww yeahhhhh… Some nice neck rubs in my new tent. I am totally a HAPPY CAMPER 🙂

Dog Tent Installation & Features

Want to see just how easy the Scout & About Outdoor Dog Tent is to setup? Check out this video:

The P.L.A.Y Tent:

  • Features a simple pop-up assembly, collapsible design and carrying case for easy travel.
  • Fully-enclosed floor provides security and water-resistant roof keeps fur-friends dry
  • Mesh sides and roll-up door allow fresh air and visibility pups
  • Made of durable and high performance 600-Denier PE fabrics that are commonly found in outdoor and camping products. These tents are waterproof and Intertek-certified UV-resistant to prevent water seepage and discoloration
  • Furniture-grade craftsmanship and even-basting stitching ensures dog-years of use
  • Lightweight and portable weighing only 4.63 lbs.
  • Easy to clean! Spot clean with wet cloth or hose off and let it dry completely
  • Includes 4 stakes to secure tent to the ground
  • Made in a facility that meets the strict quality standards for infant and children products

Want more info or want your very own P.L.A.Y Outdoor Tent? Make sure you CLICK HERE. 🙂

Outdoor Dog Tent
Who wants to go campin’ with me?

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  1. Oh my, that certainly is some tent you have there Hami. Just the thing for being sophisticated in the great outdoors.

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