My First Experience on a Paddleboard

If you know me at all by now, you know how much I love the water. Sometimes, I get myself dirty on purpose so that the human has no choice but to give me a bath.

On special weekends, when the human takes me to the beach, I feel like I could simply BURST with excitement. I’m convinced I was a sea creature in a past life.

My First Experience on a  Paddleboard

A few weeks ago, the human mentioned we would be going over to visit with my gal pals, Mia and Molly, the cutest French Bulldogs in all of Miami. I knew that this meant it was time for adventures in the water, you see, the gals live on the bay in Miami Beach.

Little did I know however, that I would learning how to paddleboard!

If you are not familiar with a paddleboard or with paddleboarding, think of it as of big, thick and sturdy surf board. Humans (and dogs, or course) jump on these paddleboard and as the name suggests, paddle for fun. It is a great form or exercise and it is also really nice to do check out the coastal areas in your neighborhood.

Hami In Miami Paddleboarding
Safety first, my friends! Need to suit up with a nifty little life jacket. Fit like a glove.
Hami In Miami Paddleboarding
You see those little T-rex legs of mine? Yeah, they make it really hard to keep myself up in the water for too long. Think: a floating brick. Not going to happen without a life jacket 🙂

Safety Check Complete, Time to Paddleboard!

Mia and Molly were complete pros at the paddleboard. They get to do it every weekend. I on the other hand, was not too sure what to do at first.

Do I stay on the paddleboard?
Do I jump in the water?
Do I just play with Mia and Molly instead?

I watched the girls and followed their lead!

Hami In Miami Paddleboarding
Check Mia out!! Not a care in the world, she jumped head first into the water. Molly and I kept telling her not to chase the seagulls!
Hami In Miami Paddleboarding
Eventually I also found the courage to jump head first. CHECK ME OUT!! There is Molly cheering me on 🙂
Hami In Miami Paddleboarding
I am a dolphin! Or maybe a shark!!! Either way, I am SOOOO HAPPYYYYY!!!!
Hami In Miami Paddleboarding
After a couple of doggy paddles, no one could stop me. Not even the human which was more nervous than I was. I didn’t want to go home. I wanted to just keep swimming, just keep swimming, like my little fish friend Dory.
Hami In Miami Paddleboarding
Look at my face!! Does it look like I had a fun time on the water? I LOVED paddleboarding. My human even got on at one point and took me out into the bay. It was PAWFECT.

Needless to say, I had an PAWSOME time and cannot wait to paddleboard again. Definitely a new favorite hobby. And lucky me that Miami is pretty much warm (and perfect for paddleboarding) about 360 days out of the year. 🙂

Here is a little clip of my experience. Enjoy!

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