More Donuts, I say! More Salty Donuts!

A while back, I wrote about a time when the human went to a local donut shop called the Salty Donut and brought back home some delectable donut treats for me (Dont remember? Click Here).

This time, the human decided to make an outing of it and take me and our pawsome out-of-town friend to try the whole menu! More Donuts, I say!! More Salty Donuts!

Salty Donut Miami
Who is this lucky person holding me? This is Anaisa, of the really amazing baking blog,, check it out!. She is a certified EXPERT baker. What better person to take and try all the delicious baked donuts from Salty Donut!
Salty Donut Miami Donuts
How happy was I to be adventuring at a donut shop? Just look at my face! Those things directly under my nose and drooling mouth? ALL OF ZEEEE DONUTS!!
Salty Donut Miami Donuts Nutella Oreo Chocolate
Are you drooling yet? Which one would you choose? Hard to pick just one, huh? That is why we pretty much chose one of each! 😀

On The Menu For The Day

ONE NUTELLA DONUT –  24 hour raised brioche donut with Nutella filing, cocoa glaze, topped with crushed hazelnuts

1 PEANUT BUTTER + JELLY DONUT –  24 hour raised brioche donut, homemade mixed berry jam filling, coated in peanut butter dust, topped with homemade peanut brittle

1 BANANA + CHOCOLATE DONUT – Baked banana, almond butter & chocolate chip cake donut with coconut milk caramel glaze, topped with roasted almonds and drizzled with dark chocolate. **VEGAN **GLUTEN FREE


3 SPIKED DONUT HOLES – with dulce de Leche “spike”

*1 SALTY MDOUGH* – This was the special seasonal donut that was #BreakingTheInternet and the reason why the humans and I waited almost 1 hour in line to be able to enjoy our fried rings of goodness. Yes, an hour!!

Salty Donut Miami Brownie Cookie Donut
Seen Here: the Salty MDough. A triple stuffed donut! A Chocolate chip cookie, wrapped inside of a brownie Mdough, then stuffed inside of a 24hr brioche chocolate chip donut, layered with a hint of bitter cocoa, milk glaze & mini chocolate chips. Triple the goodness, triple the cavities, triple the ohhhhh yeahhhhhs.

Hami Tips:

  1. Make sure you check the Salty Donuts website or social media to see what Seasonal New Donuts they have on the Menu before you plan your visit
  2. Also, make sure you make a day of the donut expedition because they are quite the popular treat in Miami. People from all over come to get a taste.
  3. The Wynwood location is Super Pet-friendly! Just make sure that you have a leash and your human semi-keeps track of you while there. When we went, there were plenty of other dogs, it was a truly a pawty! We have never been to the South Beach location, so make sure to call ahead to see if the fur-friends are invited ;D
Happy Dog Salty Donut Miami
Which donut was my favorite? Hmmm, I was only allowed a little taste…but hands down, the Nutella Donut was THE BEST!!


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  1. You’re the best Miami guide a girl can have Hami!!! <3 thank you so much for your lovely words about my blog and most of all for taking me to such an amazing place!. (now i want Nutella donuts, so thanks for that too! hahahaha). Cosquillitas en la panza para ti!! <3

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