My Professional Dog Photo Session with ML Marthinsen Photography

Hami in Miami
I look cute, don’t I? πŸ™‚

Remember two weeks ago when I visited Brickell City Centre with Luna the giant Schnauzer and her human, Marietta of ML Marthinsen Photography?

Well, it pays to know a professional photographer because a hang out can turn into an impromptu dog photo session in a second.

Check out these super amazing shots that Marietta took of me. Doesn’t she totally make me look SO good!

My Professional Dog Photo Session with ML Marthinsen Photography

Time to put all my dog photography tips to the test and shine like a diamond during my professional dog modeling sesh!

Hami in Miami
You like my hat? I find that it makes me look rather refined even if I do have a case of crazy eyes.
Hami in Miami
What do you mean there is a tongue floating over my head? Huh? What are you talking about?
Hami in Miami
NOBODY MOVE!!! There is a tongue overhead and a furry Yeti to my right!!!
Hami in Miami
Oh, it’s just my darling friend Luna!!! haha – Isin’t she just lovely? Yes, her tongue is quite literally larger than my head. Her bell-bottoms? They are something to envy!
Hami in Miami
What is better than a photo session with one cute dog? How about a photo session with two perfectly adorable pups?? πŸ™‚

About ML Marthinsen Photography

Born and raised in South Florida, Marietta totes knows how to make any model (experienced or not and, those with or without fur) look their best at all times!

She has had formal photography training and years of professional experience:
Want your portrait taken? As you saw from my photo shoot, she does an amazing job of taking portraits.

Need some commercial shots for your business? Yup, she does those types of photos too.
And weddings? You got that right…Marietta will make any bride (and groom) look like a princess (and prince) from any Disney fairytale!

If you loved my photos and want some of your own, make sure you visit her websiteΒ and request a quote…and tell her Hami sent ya πŸ™‚



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