Miami’s Tropical Paradise: Fairchild Tropical Gardens

hami in Miami Fairchild Tropical Garden
Check me out at the Bailey Palm Glade at Fairchild Tropical Garden!

When you hear the word Miami, I bet you you think of a tropical paradise…With its year-round warm, humid weather, sunny skies, endless supplies of rain and its lush vegetation, Miami is as tropical as it gets.

No place exemplifies this more than Fairchild Tropical Gardens, the botanical oasis, located in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida.

Opened in 1938, Fairchild is considered one of the best botanic gardens in the world! What is a botanic garden? Aside from being the most amazing place to leave pee-mails behind (trust me, I did), it is basically a place where plants are grown for display to the public.

At Fairchild, not only do they exhibit various plant collections in a beautiful  landscaped layout, but they focus heavily on conserving the world of tropical plants and continuing plant research and education.

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Fairchild Tropical Gardens 

When you enter Fairchild, you almost feel like you’ve entered the Jurassic era; plants you’ve never seen and trees so tall you have to tilt your head allllll the way back just to see the top!

I recently visited Fairchild and I felt so extra special. I had my own private tour guide and everything! (You are so pawsome, Maureen!!) I got a behind-the-scene look at the park and got so many great pictures and so much information, that I had to break up my experience into two blog posts.

Today, I will show (& tell) you why you MUST visit Fairchild Tropical Gardens.

All you Miamians that have not been, you have a paradise in your backyard!! You are missing out. For all those who do not live in Miami but plan on visiting one day, trust me…Do something different and wonderful while visiting Miami and spend an afternoon in the gardens.

Hami In Miami Fairchild Tropical Garden
Feeling totally classy in this setting. Final the regal I deserve!

My Trip To Fairchild Tropical Garden  

Fairchild Tropical Garden
Map courtesy of Fairchild Tropical Gardens

Notice that there are 41 sites listed on this map! With over 83-acres of land, there is an endless array of experiences to be had while visiting the garden.  My little legs didn’t allow me to see everything, so today, I will highlight some of my favorites. Follow along as I share the number of the site that corresponds on the map 🙂

Hami In Miami Fairchild Tropical Garden Gate House

Number 8: Historic Gate House

Built in 1938, the Gate House was the Garden’s first building. Originally constructed to serve as the grounds keeper’s place of residence, today this building is used for events and social gatherings. Tea time & biscuits by the garden? Why, I don’t mind if I do.

Hami In Miami Fairchild Tropical Garden
Camouflage bow-tie in full effect! Bet you didn’t see me here 🙂

Number 7: Lin Lougheed Spiney Forest of Madagascar

Madagascar, the fourth largest island on Earth, just off the coast of Africa, is home to some of the worlds most unique plants, many of which can only be found on the island.

But you don’t need to fly all the way to Madagascar to see these rare green (and spikey) beauties.

Hami In Miami Fairchild Tropical Garden

Fairchild has partnered with island-plant-experts in an effort to conserve many of the plant varieties that are becoming endangered due to human negligence. The island experts have sent many of these plants to Fairchild to ensure their survival, all of which can be found in the Lin Lougheed Spiny Forest.

Hami Tip: Look but don’t touch! (Or sniff too closely!)


Hami In Miami Vine Pergola
A sea of green! Where’s Hami??

Number 4: Vine Pergola 

What does 700 feet of vining plants look like? Just look behind me! The vine pergola at Fairchild can often be seen blooming with flowers of the most gorgeous colors. This purple really brings out my eyes, don’t you think?

Hami In Miami Fairchild Tropical Garden
This is the view of the pergola from the inside! Apparently, lot’s of brides choose to get marries here.
Hami In Miami Fairchild Tropical Gardens
Yo Tarzan, Tu Jane!!

Number 5: Sibley Victoria Pool

The Sibley Victoria Pool normally holds giant water lilies that span over 2 feet in diameter!! Can you imagine?

Known as the Victoria cruziana and the Victoria ‘Longwood Hybrid, these water plants normally thrive in very warm weather, which is why when I went to visit, they were not in bloom. You see, Miami does have about 2 weeks of ‘winter’ where the temperatures drop to about 60 degrees and this happened to be the time of my visit.

Next time they invite me to visit Fairchild Tropical Garden, I will see if they let me climb on one of these mammoth water lilies. I am pawsitive that their 2 feet diameter can carry my 14-pounds of solid muscle!

Hami In Miami Fairchild Tropical Garden

Want to see what else Fairchild has to offer? Make sure you head over to their WEBSITE and get the inside scoop for yourself. Also, with so much foliage, you bet their INSTAGRAM is filled with some fantastic photography. Who knows, maybe they will even feature me 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my visit to Fairchild Tropical Garden as much as I did. I can’t wait to update you next week on some more of my adventures there! Stay tuned 🙂

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  1. Sir Hamilton hace unos días descubrí que tocando el título aparece el blog, hay plantas de cactus en ese jardín de Madagascar? Por eso su Hami consejo?

    • hola mi amiga!! siiii – viste cuantas entradas he puesto ya en el blog? 🙂 espero que te guste aunque este en ingles. jaja Y bueno, ese parque es un parque botánico que existe en Miami (llamado Fairchild) y dentro de el hay muchas plants…una de las secciones es esta, Madagascar, donde todas las plantas son cactus. Yo se que los amas <3

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