Miami Style Essentials: What to Pack when Visiting Miami

Miami Style Essentials Fashion

Miami Style Essentials Fashion

Miami Essential Style Fashion Dog in Glasses

Dog with Glasses and Tropical T

‘Party in the city where the heat is on‘….

Will Smith was pretty much spot on in his 1997 hit, Welcome To Miami. The heat is always on in Miami (except those two weeks around the end of January/early February, where it drops down to the upper 50’s and everyone brings out their boots and coats).

If you plan on visiting Miami, it is crucial that you listen up as I impart my Miami knowledge on you and share the Miami Style Essentials.

First of all, Miami is all about style. If you don’t have style, like I do, then you need to fake it, till you make it. I recommend you purchase a tropical shirt as one can never go wrong with palm trees sprawled across one’s chest.

Secondly: Shades, AKA sunglasses. You will need them to not only protect you from the suns rays, but also to hide your eyes so that no one sees you staring at all the hot fur-ladies. Because let’s face it, there is something about Miami that makes the fur-ladies look extra pawfect. Maybe it’s the humidity that makes their fur extra poofy and voluminous or the hot weather that makes them smell even more like sun… Grrrr. Those Miami Ladies, Lord knows I love the. Any-who, yes, shades are a must.

You are most definitely going to want to head to the beach while visiting Miami, so here is a list of some other essentials:

  • Sunblock (You don’t want to get a farmers tan, trust me)
  • Swim Trunks (although I prefer to call attention to my macho bod with a Speedo)
  • Bug Repellent aka. HeartGard (damn, skeeters)
  • Flip Flops or Sandals (No Tevas allowed. Just say no to Tevas)
  • Umbrella (It is guaranteed to rain at least once a day in Miami, especially in the summer so be prepared)
  • Water Bottle (stay hydrated!)
  • Leash & Poopy Bags (because no one wants to step on your poop)

My last bit of Miami advice is to check the places you will be visiting beforehand because although Miami is a pretty dog-friendly city, there are some places that really suck and don’t allow dogs. Make sure to check the Dogs Allowed section of my blog to get a list of restaurants, hotels and stores that allow dogs (and are therefore the coolest places to visit in Miami).


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