The Best Place to Take a Date in Miami: The Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Hey girl, feel my bowtie…Know what it’s made of? Boyfriend material.

A lot of my bros have been asking me where I like to take the fur-ladies on dates.
There are SO many places in Miami, that the decision-making process can be a little overwhelming.

A movie and dinner? #Boring
Salsa dancing at a club? Not unless you’ve got moves that seduce, my friends.

To really romance a fur-lady, one must embody a true Casanova and really give her the attention she deserves. For this, you need a secluded, yet public place, that exudes romantic vibes (and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg).

Cue the Miami Beach Botanical Garden: a little green urban oasis in the middle of the hustle-and-bustle of South Beach. It is the absolutely pawfect place to take a date and ensure some major butt-sniffing action takes place.

The Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

Miami Beach Botanical Garden
100% in my element. King of the jungle!

Originally a golf-course in the 1920s, it wasn’t until 1962 that the 2.6 acres in Miami Beach became known as the ‘Garden Center’.

Years passed, and so did many hurricanes, and the Garden Center was left in shambles. It wasn’t until 1996 that the space got a MAJOR makeover and became the beautiful spot it is today.

Today, the Gardens are ‘a place where locals and visitors can come and enjoy the numerous cultural and artistic programs year round,’ as stated on their website.

The Miami Beach Botanical Gardens have a great calendar of events from yoga classes to summer camp for the kiddos.

Best thing about this magical place? Admission is free!! That’s right peeps. That’s one cheap-ass date day!

My Visit to the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

Like a pig in shit….that is how happy I was during my visit to the gardens.
The only thing missing? A date. #ironicblogpost

Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Which way should I go first? Left?
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
or right? So many smells calling my name!
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
I decided to start my visit at the Japanese Garden…Because who doesn’t love the chance to run into a gorgeous Akita. Of course, if you are on a date gentledogs, do not stare at other fur-ladies. Stating the obvious.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Imagine stopping your date just over this red bridge and looking longingly at their eyes as you tell them how much nature brings out their beauty…BAZING! Guaranteed tongue action.
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Hami Tip: Make sure that prior to the date you do not consume any garlic or onions…Not only because it would suck to have your date kiss you with crappy breath, but also, they are totally toxic for dogs. #yourewelcome
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
I see you squirrel. You are lucky I am on a Tour of the garden and cannot attack right now.
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Hey, human… you mind if I go nuts on that there squirrel? Just put down the camera for a sec and nobody’s gotta know. 🙂
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
ughhh…fineeee. I will compose myself. You are free to roam free, squirrel. You are lucky I am working right now.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Just look at me. LOOK AT ME. How could a fur-lady resist this smirk and #TOT action?
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Gentledogs, another #HamiTip. If your date complains that her paws hurt, make sure to offer a paw massage. Guaranteed bonus points.
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
And when it’s time to take a load off and enjoy the foliage views? The Miami Beach Botanical Garden has these cool lawn chairs sprinkled throughout the grounds.
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Nothing more soothing and romantic than the sound of running water. These fountains are the icing on the cake!

You see what I mean? Do you agree with me now?
The Miami Beach Botanical Gardens will make any fur-lady weak in the knees.
I repeat: it is the pawfect place to take a date in Miami.

More 411

Planning a date? Make sure to get all the 411 (aka: Info) from their website and note that:

  • Admission into the garden is free but there is a suggested donation if you want to take a guided tour.
  • The garden is open from 9-to-5pm, Tuesday through Sunday but is closed on Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.
  • The garden is super dog-friendly but pooches must be on leashes at all times. (Don’t try to jump in the pond or fountains either…I about gave the human a heart attack when I attempted this!)
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Hereeeee fishy, fishy!
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Damn it, human. You always gotta block the fun-having?? I wanna go in the water!


Did you like my visit to the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens? Make sure to leave me a comment below and let me know. Big hug!

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