Marlins Park: My VIP Tour of the Miami Marlins Ballpark

Marlins Park

It is no secret that fur-ladies swoon over fur-men in uniform. It’s also no secret that baseball uniforms enhance the roundness of baseball player’s bums?, driving all the fur-ladies wild.

This is why: I have decided to become a baseball player for the Miami Marlins…. To show the world my naturally round & luscious bum  AND to pick up all the sexy fur-chicas.

When the Marlins found out about my new career of choice, they invited me to the Marlins Park for a special VIP tour of my new home!

Marlins Park
Totes diggin’ the dugout.

Miami Marlins

If you aren’t from the USA, then maybe you are not aware that baseball is a VERY big deal in my country; it’s even considered ‘America’s favorite national pastime’.

I am lucky enough to live in a city that has it’s very own baseball team, the Marlins! Winners of not one, but TWO, World Series championships (beating the Cleveland Indians and the New York Yankees, in 1997 and 2003 respectively).

The Marlins are not currently playing any games (it’s their off-season) but they start back up in February….er, I mean…WE start back up in February.

In the meantime, check out where I will be spending lots of time when the new year starts!

Marlins Park
My new home!! Isin’t she a beaut? ?

Marlins Park

Marlins Park

Marlins Park is considered the smallest stadium in Major League Baseball by actual capacity. I can’t imagine how big the other stadiums are since this one holds 37,000 people & pups. I mean, that’s a lot of humans if you ask me.

What’s the coolest thing about MY stadium? The roof!

Marlins Park is the fifth one in the US to have a retractable roof built over the ballpark (makes sense if you think about the amount of rain that pours in Miami… all. the. time☔️!)

What’s so cool about a retractable roof, you say? Well, it weighs 19 million pounds for one!! Thanks to modern mechanics and engineering, all that weight can actually be moved (and the roof opened or closed) in 13 minutes. Not bad, eh?

Marlins Park
Let me repeat that: 37,000 butts in chairs. ALOT of butts.
Marlins Park
I’ll have two craft beers, please! The Park offers all sorts of craft beers like: Brooklyn Brewing, Goose Island, Lagunitas, as well as local brews like Concrete Beach, Miami Brewing Company, and J. Wakefield Brewery.
Marlins Park
You like my jersey?? The Marlins Marketing Girls gifted me a jersey during my VIP visit & tour…they must totally want me to join the team. 🙂
Marlins Park
Had to take a little break during the VIP tour of the ballpark. Getting in some electrolytes thanks to Gatorade ?
Marlins Park
You think the other dudes on the team will like me? or do you think they will be intimidated by my luscious beard?
Marlins Park
CANNOT wait to run home….I mean, home run. It is going to be so great!

Bark at the Park

Marlins Park

Wanna bring Fido to the park? You most definitely can!

Two times a year, the Marlins host a Bark at the Park event! Where they allow you to bring your pup to an actual Marlins game…isin’t that PAWSOME?!? In the past, proceeds of these tickets  have gone to support the Humane Society?.

The Bark at the Park 2018 dates have yet to be confirmed 100% but my inside sources tell me to be on the lookout for July and August dates?.

Stay tuned for more Bark at the Park news!

Hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look of Marlins Park. If you would like a VIP tour, you don’t have to join the team, like me. You can schedule a tour with their team & tour guides, right HERE.

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