Loba Restaurant: Hungry Like the Wolf

Loba Restaurant: Where you walk in Hungry Like a Wolf (or Scottie Dog) and leave thinking you might have possibly just had the most delicious burger of your life.

The most delicious burger of your life? Is it possible? It is possible!! (as reaffirmed by my Loba (aka: she-wolf) friend in the picture below) 😀

Loba Restaurant Miami Wolf

Located on 74th and Biscayne, Loba is desribed as place for elevated Latin American fare with a Southern twist, served in rustic digs with book-lined walls. So basically, Southern BBQ meets Latin, meets delicious.

I went with one goal in mind: Cheese. Eat Lots of it. Lord knows it is my absolute favorite in the world. An account of what followed, in photo-proof below:

Loba Miami Restaurant Vincent Van Goat Cheese Balls
Vincent Van Goat Balls
Loba Miami Restaurant Burger and Beer
Loba Burger

Loba Miami Restaurant Loba Burger

Loba Miami Restaurant

As you can see, not only did I find my cheese, I found my soul!!

To start off, Vincent Van Goat balls. Think: Fried goat cheese, truffle honey, pistachios and sea salt. Holy Goat Balls of Deliciousnessssss. I thought Tennis Balls were my favorite balls but these ooey, gooey balls of goat by-product quickly replaced those yellow balls of NOT cheese.

Then, as if it couldn’t possibly get any better, came the Loba Burger. 8 Ounces of a chuck and brisket blend for the patty, an onion marmalade (NOTE: onions are not good for doggies), Havarti CHEESE, a fried egg and apple wood smoked bacon all nestled in the most delicious home-made brioche-style bun.

Oh. Em. Gee.
Can we please just stop for one second and thank the cheese (and burger) gods for Loba?

<Silent Prayer Of Gratitude>

Ok, we may proceed.
This burger was juicy. It was salty but with a hint of sweetness (thanks to the onion marmalade). It was savory & smokey with the cheese and bacon and then it was perfectly protein-licious with the added fried egg on top. An explosion of all the right flavors profiles.

No burger is complete however without a smooth, crispy beer to guzzle it all down. This day I was feeling very macho so decided to support my local peeps, The Tank Brewing Company and drink their “La Finca Miami” brew. This is THE perfect beer for Miami. Crispy, refreshing classic Belgian-style beer.

So, whether you are a Miami local, or an out-of-towner looking for the best burger and beer joint (and cheese lover, for the love of god, a CHEESE LOVER) make sure you pass by Loba and tell them that Hami In Miami sent you.


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