It’s My Pawty and I Cheese If I Want To!

Hami In Miami Pawty
Bowtie? Check! Pointy Hat? Check!! I believe I am ready for my birthday celebration!!!!!

It’s my pawty and I cheese if I want to…Cheese if I want to, cheese if I want to!!

That’s right my friends – tomorrow (or today, or depending when you are reading this) is a very joyous occasion. I turn 2!

That means, that for the last 730 days, I have graced this planet with my presence.
WOO HOO! Go me 🙂

My Birthday Pawty

For my birthday, I told the human I wanted to do something low-key.
A little disco music. Some light decorations.
And most importantly:

A Big Chunk of…CHEESE!
Because, a typical birthday cupcake or cake? Nobody got time for that.

The human really outdid herself this time with the help of our good friends from Pawty In a Box!

Not only did she get the CUTEST decorations of all time, but they were legit DISCO pawty themed. A little Disco Pawty at the park? Don’t mind if I do. 🙂


Hami In Miami Pawty
Check out the setup!! Isin’t it just PAWSOME?
Hami In Miami Pawty
How about my balls? You like those??? My Disco balls, silly!!
Hami In Miami Pawty
What about my ‘Cake’? YUP! Made 100% out of Cheese. The best cake out there!
Hami In Miami Pawty
Hey, youuuuu…Fur-ladies off in the far corner of the park. You feel like coming over and sharing some of my Cheese Cake?
Hami In Miami Pawty
What a freakin’ great day. Feeling like a 2-year-old KING!

Pawty In a Box

Hami In Miami

Yes, these party decorations are so effin’ cute, I know. Make sure you check out the rest of the themed boxes from our friends at Pawty In a Box and tell your the humans to hook it up on your next birthday 😀

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