How To Pick A Macho Halloween Costume

Last year was my first Halloween and for some reason, the human made the horrible (yet very cute) decision to dress me up as a Holy Cow (see below).

Although I got lots of treats for this very un-macho excuse of a costume, I promised myself that I would be present during the costume selection process this year.

This year, I plan to pick a macho Halloween costume. Follow these simple tips and you too can dress like a tough, macho fur-man this Halloween.

Dog Halloween Costume Holy Cow

How to Pick a Macho Halloween Costume:

  1. Select a costume that really brings out the tough animal in you. Maybe a tiger…or even a bear. You know, something ferocious and wild.
  2. Select a costume that brings out the giant in you. Maybe a hippo…or even a wise and majestic elephant. That’s 13,000 pounds of solid bad-ass-ness.
  3. If all else fails, select a costume that brings out the hero in you. Maybe batman…or even superman. You know, something all the chicks dig. Oh, you are in despair? Don’t worry, The Haminator will come save you!
Dog Halloween Costume Bear
Umm, human? This is not what I had in mind when I said a bear costume. This is quite possibly even cuter than last years costume.
Funny Dog Halloween Costume
Yeah, no. This is not going to work. A very un-macho costume indeed…..NEXT!
Dog Halloween Costume Elephant
Really? Does this scream 13,000 pounds of solid bad-ass-ness? I don’t think so. Not the costume I had in mind either.
Dog Halloween Costume Elephant
About the only tough thing this costume has, are the soft plush elephant tusks….NEXT!
funny Dog Halloween Costume Superman
YESSSSS…now THIS is what I am talking about. Super Ham. The Haminator. The Bone. Saving one fur-lady at a time.
SuperDog Halloween Costume
Now this is a costume I can really stand behind. Halloween 2016 will be simply SUPER!

What do you plan on dressing up for Halloween? Let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂

12 responses to “How To Pick A Macho Halloween Costume”

  1. My human likes the elephant costume Hami but I outvoted the human. It’s out of the ballpark with Superman!!! Very macho Haminator! Go save some furladies!! ~~~~~Kai

  2. Haha you made my day , Hami!i will wear a pumpkin hat and an orange collar with black spiders . You will soon see me! Kisses ??

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