Hobie Beach: A Dog Beach Paradise

There are a couple things in this life that really get me excited. One of those things is when the human tells me we are going to Hobie Beach, my favorite dog-friendly beach in Key Biscayne.

Hami In Miami Hobie Beach

My Beach Face

Hami In Miami Hobie Beach

South Florida is a beach lovers dream…but there are only a few sandy spots that allow dogs. My favorite, Hobie Beach, has been a Miami staple for over 20 years. It is usually frequented by Windsurfers (which is why it also goes by the name Windsurfer Beach) and people looking to get wild on the water.

Although I have recently discovered that I too like to get wild on the water, I love going to this beach for other reasons.

Hami In Miami Hobie Beach

Why I Love Hobie Beach

Reason #1: The Sand

Hami In Miami Hobie Beach
hee hee hee. The human is going to have a ball trying to get all this sand off of me later.

There is something about getting sand in every crevice of my body (and stuck on every strand of fur) and then taking a dip in the water to wash it all off that just invigorates my soul.

Reason #2 : The Digging

Once those little paws of mine get going, it is hard to stop them. Just watch them go. Lightning speed activate!!

Reason #3: Attacking Palm Trees

They think they are so tough, those palm trees. Oh, yeah? You think you are a bad ass only because you are lean & tall and sway in the wind, and have giant balls (aka: coconuts)? Well just watch me destroy you! RAWRRRR. I am Hamilton. Hear. Me. Roar!

Reason #4: The Swimming

When I am done digging my way to China, I head over to the water to really give my little paws a workout.

Hami In Miami Hobie Beach
Just look at my sexy legs. So strong. So fit. and my ass? A true work of art.


You see why I just love the beach?
I am so happy that Miami weather is simply pawfect all-year long so that the humans never have an excuse not to take me. 🙂

Have you ever been to the beach? What is your favorite part?
Let me know!


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