Heating Things Up in Coral Gables With Morelia Paletas

Morelia Paletas
A little Kiwi does a body good!

Summer is in full swing here in Miami. Two minutes outside will leave you with sweat beads and frizzy fur. No bueno.

The solution to this humid inferno? Head over to Morelia Paletas in Coral Gables and enjoy some of their delicious frozen popsicles.

Paletas? What’s That?

Morelia Paletas
I am FILLED with passion for this Passion fruit paleta that is filled with condensed milk. As a result? I smile.

To understand what a paleta is, you have to understand what a paleta is not. Paletas are NOT the popsicles that we are used to in the US (or Ice pops in the UK). These popsicles tend to be neon-colored and packed with artificial fruit flavors and loads of sugars.

Paletas, on the other hand, are popsicles that are made with real fruit and natural ingredients. Yes, both start with the letter “P” and both have those little wooden sticks, but thats about it when it comes to similarities.

Originating from a little town in Mexico, paletas have now become a global sensation. Because let’s be real, eating things that are on sticks is just so darn fun!

Here in Miami, there is one paleta shop that is heating things up (and then helping us all cool down!) for the summer.

Morelia Paletas in Coral Gables

Morelia Paletas
Did I mention that this place is RIGHT near my house? #Dangerous

Morelia Paletas, which is conveniently located three paw steps from my house in Coral Gables, Florida, happens to be the only place in the zone to dish out these delicious treats.

They pride themselves in the freshness and high-quality of their natural ingredients and on the fact that they hand-make each gourmet pop daily.

Their menu consist of three types of paletas: traditional fruit paletas like Mango, Kiwi, Strawberry, Lime and Coconut, or cream-based paletas like Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate. If you are feeling extra adventurous, you can even get a filled paleta like Strawberry filled with condensed milk, Passion Fruit filled with condensed milk or Banana filled with Nutella. You are drooling, aren’t ya?

If you want to take your paleta to the next level, you can then Dip It & Top It with the many dips and toppings available. Wanna turn that Banana Nutella into a decadent treat? Why don’t you top it with marshmallow and graham crackers? Yeah, they totally do the amores thing that at Morelia.

Morelia Paletas
Pick your favorite paleta. Dip it in your saue of choice. Then, top it with whatever your heart desires!

Just let that imagination run wild. If you think it, they will build it!

My Day At Morelia

Morelia Paletas
I would just like to point out that I couldn’t have worn a better outfit. Lookin’ like a paleta muchacho!
Morelia Paletas
Look into my eye!! My condensed milk filled paleta eye!!
Morelia Paletas
The creamiest Greek yogurt was used to make this mouth-watering mixed berries paleta. I couldn’t help myself, I bit into the popsicle before the picture could be taken. Sue me.
Morelia Paletas
Seen here: me, complaining to the human to hurry up and take the damn photo so I could try this Kiwi paleta.
Morelia Paletas
Clearly, I couldn’t pick just one paleta! Passion Fruit with condensed milk, Greek Yogurt and Berries and the Kiwi paleta for the win!
Morelia Paletas
This here is Gilbert, owner of Morelia Paleta. I want to tell you two things, Gilber: 1. I LOVE your paletas and will therefore be coming back soon. 2. Don’t take it personal as I tend to make this face whenever anyone holds me. It’s a Scottie thing 🙂

More 411

Morelia Paletas

Morelia Paletas is pet-friendly! They welcome leashed doggies, no problem. Just make sure to tell them Hami sent you. 🙂

For more information about store location, hours and menu items, make sure to visit their website.

Also, if you want to torture yourself on the daily by looking at their drool-worthy #foodporn pics, make sure you follow them on the ‘gram.

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