Hamilton Barkley For President 2016

Let’s face it…this country needs another candidate for president.

Vote for me, Hamilton Barkley, and I will get the job done. I pawmise you, I am not a liar and definitely not a racist …and let’s face it, I am WAYYYYY cuter than the current options.

If cuteness levels are not enough of a reason to vote for me, then maybe my stance on these key issues will sway your opinion.

Hamilton Barkley for President 2016

Hamilton for President
You like my campaign poster? It’s totally official.

Crime And Justice
Crimes should end immediately. And all those that do not listen, will be given a very firm ‘Bad Boy’ and ‘Bad Girl’ punishment.

Economy and Taxes
We go back to the barter system. I give you a kiss, you give me a piece of cheese.

Every pup should be taught how to sit, stay and ‘Give me the Paw’. Cheese must be used as reward every single time.

Hamilton for President 2016
God Bless America! and bow ties. God Bless Bow Ties.


Foreign Policy
Let’s promote world peace…I’m all about Peace, Love, & Paws!

I’m pretty sure that we can turn doggy farts into enough energy to power our homes. Just need to figure out how to trap the gases.

Guns/Second Amendment
The only guns allowed will be the ones attached to my paws. My ‘gun’ show.

The Pawfect President Hamilton
I’m totally the pawfect president that this country needs.




Science & Environment
Preserve all the green! That’s right, green grass, more trees, more doggy parks!

Welcome one, welcome all! Poodles from France? Qui Qui! Chihuahuas from Mexico? Andale, no wall here! Akita’s from Japan? You and sushi are always welcome.


You see, I told you I am the pawfect presidential candidate. Make sure to vote for me in 8 days!! 🙂




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