Hami Does Boston: A Dog and His First Snow Experience

Hami in Miami


I’ve seen it! I’ve licked it, smelled it, crunched it under my paws and gotten it all over my face. S-N-O-W. That cold white stuff that falls from the sky but is NOT the rain that I am use to in Miami.

Oh, how I LOVED my first experience with snow.

My Trip To Boston, Massachusetts

Over the Holidays, my humans gave to me: a ticket to Boston and a partridge in a pear tree. Ok, no partridge was given cus I would totally bite it…but; yes, I did get a ticket to Boston.

hami in miami

Day one in Boston: we arrive and are welcomed by the coldest day of the year. Zero degrees Fahrenheit. -17 degrees Celsius. Let me repeat that: ZERO DEGREES FAHRENHEIT.

As you can imagine, a family from Miami was not adequaretly prepared for this type of cold. We knew that it got cold in Boston however, the weather gods decided to give us unusually frigid winter weather during our visit.

I was as happy as a clam. The humans on the other hand, could barely walk a block around the city without losing it. Silly humans, they should just grow some fur.

And, they should have gotten better winter attire.

What to Wear In The Snow

Hami In Miami

Layers of fur and warm coats. Pawsonally, I like to have outfit options so I took TWO coats. My blue belted Muttluks Coat which really makes my eyes stand out and an Alpine puffer coat from Doggie Design that my human found on Amazon while online shopping.

Hami In Miami

Many people also recommend that us pups wear booties to protect our paws from the salt that is thrown on the snow to make it melt. However, I wore the booties that my pals at Muttluks sent me for a total of 5 minutes during the whole trip.

5 minutes of standing still. Frozen. I refused to walk in my booties?. The booties were AMAZING. Me, well…not so much. #StageFright.

Hami in Miami

Hami Tip: if you plan on taking your pup on a snow trip and they have never worn booties/shoes before, make sure you practice long before the trip.

After establishing that I was NOT going to walk in booties, it was time to explore as much of Boston as possible. Bare-pawed.

Food In Boston

Ok, so…I’m going to throw my humans under a bus.

They were SO cold the whole time, that all they did was jump from restaurant to restaurant escaping the cold, and eating everything on the way.

We happened to be staying in Boston’s North End neighborhood which is the Little Italy of the city. Holy Cannoli! Mamma Maria!! ::::Insert all Italian saying here::::

Because this was all that my humans did (eat), and because they were too cold to take their hands out of their gloves to take pictures of the meals, I do not have any pictures of food to share with you all. Only the following recommendations:

  1. Eat ANYWHERE in the North End of Boston. Each place is more amazing than the next.
  2. Shoot oysters at North Square Oysters. Slurp. Yum. Drool.
  3. Down 5 cannolis (THE BEST CANNOLIS EVER) at Mike’s Pastry.
  4. Wash down the Cannoli’s with some Clam Chowder at Neptune’s Oyster.
  5. Take a date to Mamma Maria’s and dine some of the most delicious award-winning fare.
  6. Get the best latte and pour-over coffee at the Thinking Cup.
  7. TAKE CASH – many of the restaurants in this zone do not accept credit cards.
  8. Sign up for a gym after your visit. #SelfExplanatory

Hami in Miami

Hami In Miami

Things to See in Boston

Between visits our visits to the restaurants, we did manage to do a little tourist-ing. As much as we could bare without freezing our tails off.

Shopping at Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

Charming, full of fun things to see & buy and full of Bostonian charm. Plus, you will get to pose with a statue of Samuel Adams: patriot and beer brewer?.

Get smarter over at Harvard University

You can’t visit Boston and not take a trip to Harvard. Don’t be a dumb, dumb and go check out this amazingly beautiful Ivy League university.

Hami In Miami
I feel smarter just standing here.
Hami in Miami
You think they accept pets in these dorms? Harvard: Class of 2021.
Hami in Miami
The human things she’s walking me…..
Hami in Miami
But we all know that I am walking her. ?
Snow. Lots and lots of snow.

If you are going to Boston at the end of December through February, chances are you are going to see lots of the white stuff. If you like it as much as I do (see beard as evidence in all pictures of this blog post), then you will LOVE it.

Just make sure to take lots of warm clothes, take cash for the North End and then sign up for a gym membership to burn off the love-handles nursed during your trip ❄️.

Hami in Miami


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