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Dog Friendly Barcelona
Charlie is the coolest Scottie on the block! He was such a pal to welcome me into his home and show me around town.

For a long time, I had been begging the human to take me somewhere international. When she told me we were going to Spain, I KNEW it would be an adventure of a lifetime because I would FINALLY be meeting my Instagram pal, Charlie!

You see, Charlie lives in Barcelona and that was the first stop on my ‘Hami Does Spain’ Adventure! And, because Charlie and his humans are the nicest in all of the land, they invited us to stay in their home while we visited!

My Stay In Barcelona

Charlie and his humans, Boss Natalie, and Grand-Boss Angela, have the most amazing Flat in the heart of Barcelona. My human and I stayed 3-nights there and experienced the most welcoming hospitality you could ask for.

If you are ever in Barcelona, and want to rent a room, make sure you check out Natalie and Angela’s flat on AirBnB.

Dog Friendly Barcelona
The apartment has a terrace overlooking Barcelona that is fit for a king!
Dog Friendly Barcelona
And a kitchen where the MOST amazing continental breakfast is served every morning 🙂
Dog Friendly Barcelona
Of course, this is where the human and I spent our mornings planning the daily adventures….and, where Charlie and I broke bread….er, bones. 🙂
Dog Friendly Barcelona
Unfortunately, it was cloudy, cold and gloomy for the majority of my visit but on our last day, the sun came out in all of its glory! This is me tanning on Charlies terrace!
Dog Friendly Barcelona
Oh? What is it? You think I look like a scholarly gentle-dog sitting in my throne? Yeah, I do too. I LOVED hanging out in Charlies library. Best. Vibes. Ever!!

Sightseeing In Barcelona

The human and I were on a mission: we wanted to see ALL of Barcelona in 3 days. Best way to achieve this? By riding on the Barcelona Bus Turistic!

You buy a day (or multi-day) pass and you are able to ride around the city and hop on-and-off as many times as you like!

They are pet-friendly, as long as the doggie is small, well-behaved and in a bag!

Dog Friendly Barcelona
Literally, the face I made when we boarded the Bus! I am in my The Company Store tote bag which is my absolute favorite dog-carrying tote around!
Dog Friendly Barcelona
Cheesin so hard when I found out we would be going to visit the Sagrada Familia!

You like my carrying tote? My human and I HIGHLY recommend this bag for city travel. Make sure you visit their website to check it out.

Dog Friendly Barcelona
La Sagrada Familia – what a beauty!! The vision and work of Mr. Guadi – what amazing modern architecture.

La Sagrada Familia has been under construction for what seems like an eternity but it is an absolutely must-see. This was the first stop for the human and I.

I was not allowed in the church but we did spend a lovely hour or so exploring the zone. There is a park across the street from the church, as well as a dog-exclusive park! That’s right, people! A dog park with the Sagrada Familia as the backdrop!

Up next? Another one of Gaudi’s masterpieces. El Parque Guell, or the Guell Park!

Parque Guell

Dog Friendly Barcelona
My human and I happier than pigs in shit! Taking a break from hiking of the hill of el Parque Guell, probably the MOST amazing park I have ever been to.
Dog Friendly Barcelona
You see that terrace behind me? Gaudi called them the bird nests and they were constructed to resemble trees. They definitely gave me an urge to pee, so it is safe to say that Gaudi succeeded.
Dog Friendly Barcelona
So happy to be in Barcelona – can you tell?
Dog Friendly Barcelona
Once you climb the stairs of the terrace, you reach this Colonnade. There were musicians playing their violins and lots and lots of people taking pictures. I had to, of course, join them!
Dog Friendly Barcelona
Once we reached the top of the hill at the Guell Park, we were greeted by the most amazing views of Barcelona and the sea. Look how happy we are!

My Barcelona Friends

Sightseeing in Barcelona will be something I never forget. You know what else I will never forget? Linking up with Charlie and our other Scottie pal Draco, to sightsee on some fur-ladies!

Check us out! Can you tell who is who?

Dog Friendly Barcelona

Dog Friendly Barcelona

Dog Friendly Barcelona: Hami Tips

  • Barcelona is pretty pet-friendly however, it is definitely not at the levels that we were accustomed to in the US.
  • Taxi’s have the right to refuse you service and we found a few who would only take us if I was completely covered in a bag like this one. Make sure you bring one along!
  • Most restaurants and cafes have patios and these are perfectly acceptable for pups. The inside of restaurants were pretty much off limits.
  • The majority of Barcelona has patches of grass or even open-space parks so when it comes time to do your business, it is quite easy. Make sure to have your poop baggies ready so you leave the city the way you found it!
  • For more travel tips, make sure you check out our what to pack for traveling post.
Dog Friendly Barcelona
This was taken at one of my favorite poo-poo spots: Turo Park. I would walk there with Charlie everyday!


Have you ever been to Barcelona? What would you recommend I do next time I visit?

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as my human and I enjoyed sharing it.

<3 <3 <3 Leave me some love <3 in the comments below. <3 <3 <3

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