My Hat’s Off to Goorin Bros. Hat Shop

Hami In Miami Goorin Bros.
This Hawaiian baseball cap is cute and all but I need a proper gentleman hat to make the fur-ladies fall in love.

All DOQ’s (Dogs Of Quality) need two pieces of apparel to make them look the part. One is a bow-tie. The second, a proper hat.

We all know that my bow-tie game is super strong, but as I looked at my selection of hats (or lack thereof), I realized it was time to visit my friends over at Goorin Bros. Hat Shop and do some serious damage to my human’s wallet.


Goorin Bros. Hat Shop?

For over 100 years, Goorin Bros. has been making men (and women) look extra fashion. Because let’s face it, no matter if it is a Boater or a Fedora, a Cowboy or a Panama…Hats are the icing on the outfit-cake.

It all started in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1895, when Mr. Cassel Goorin decided that his life passion was to create hand-crafted hats and then deliver them to his customers on his horse-drawn cart. He wasn’t horsin’ around!

The business stayed in the family as Mr. Goorin passed it down to his two sons who then, in turn, also passed it on to their kids. Four generations and 30 shops later, Goorins has become the place to go when looking for timeless, classic hat styles with unique flare and pawsonality!

Hami In Miami Goorin Bros
Ohhhhh. I’m so excited to see all of ze hats!

My Visit To Goorin Bros.

I recently visited my local Goorin Bros boutique located on Lincoln Road in South Beach. I called up my buddy Israel, store owner and mustache-extraordinare, and told him I desperately needed something to spruce up my DOQ look. Below are a few of the hats he recommended.

Hami In Miami Goorin Bros
Hey, Israel…I mustache you a question….What is the secret to your facial hair? I’m super jealous.
Hami In Miami Goorin Hats
First up, option numero 1. This amazing stingy brim fedora called the Miles D. My eyes?? Who needs to see when you look so good?
Hami In Miami Goorin Hats
Here’s another view of the Miles D. What do you think? That box I am in? It’s the box that you store your hats in so they don’t get ruined. I kinda want one of these as well so I can turn it into a bed. So cozy.
Hami In Miami Goorin Hats
Option numero 2. This pawsome leather Fedora called the Belsky. Whatcha think of this one? Crafted from two-tone embossed leather, this rich flip-up fedora is a classic that will only get better with time. Me likey!!
Hami In Miami Goorin Hats
Option numero 3 (last but not least), this pawsome straw fedora called the Big John. I can totally see myself cruising the street for some fur-ladies in this one. You see it, right?Just missing a glass of scotch and a cigar.


The ruffest part about visiting Goorin Bros.? Not knowing which hat to pick!! They have such a wide selection, you’ll want to leave with one of each.

I am going to leave it up to ya’ll to pick which hat I should go back and get: the Miles D., the Belsky or the Big John. Let me know if the comments below which one is your fave.

If you are ever in Miami, visit my buddy Israel on Lincoln road and tell him Hami sent ya 🙂 And, of course, make sure to check them out on Instagram.

For a list of other Goorin Bros. locations, visit their parent website and Instagram.


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