Going To the Chapel: Church of the Little Flower

Church of the Little Flower is a Roman Catholic church in Coral Gables, Florida, founded in 1926. You might recall Coral Gables from recent post about the Biltmore Hotel, well this lovely place of worship is found right across the Biltmore…. when luxury meets the Lord.

Although I am not much for religion, unless I am thanking the Cheese Gods for inventing the delicious animal by-product, I am a true admirer of architecture.

Little Flower, was constructed in a Spanish Renaissance style but maintains a lot of the Mediterranean Revival architecture which the majority of Coral Gables is noted for. In simple terms: the church is VERY romantic looking.

Being the Casanova that I am, I engineered a master plan to find myself a fur-lady to settle down with I decided to dress my best and head over to Little Flower to see maybe there was a nice fur-lady to settle down with.

Church Little FLower
Arrrroooooo, anyone there? Where are all the fur-ladies? Come out, come out, where ever you are!
Dog Bowtie Church Little Flower Coral Gables
No, I am not on the set of Game of Thrones and John Snow is not taking the picture. I am standing in front of Little Flower, a Miami Historical Landmark 🙂
Church Little Flower
Bae? Is that you over there?
Cute Dog on Bench with Bow tie
Post-church visit rest… All that fur-lady searching was very exhausting!

I did not have much luck finding a fur-lady to settle down with and get married. However, I keep the faith strong that there must be a Scottie fur-lady in Miami I can meet. If you are reading this, or know one who would be interested in Don Hami Demarco, email me: Hello@HamiInMiami.com

Dog Policy:

The policy at the Church of the Little Flower is that it is clearly a ‘no dogs allowed’ zone. Unless you want the reverend to scream, “oh my dog”, I suggest you don’t take any of your furry friends to mass while visiting Miami.

6 responses to “Going To the Chapel: Church of the Little Flower”

  1. Aw, Hami, I’m sorry your Bae wasn’t to be found at the Church of the Little Flower. Especially, since you were wearing your dapper Sunday best! Just live your awesome Hami life, and your Mrs Barkley will show up when you least expect it!

  2. So so many gems from this one…’where luxury meets the lord”, the ‘cheese gods’, and of course. ‘Don Hami Demarco’! Oh and PS-if John snow HAD been snapping that picture, our mom says she would have gotten down there faster than speedy gonzslez (andale, andale). ? Love ya pal…and don’t worry, Mrs. Hami will appear when the time is right!

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