Glass and Vine: A Pawsitively Drool-worthy Lunch

Glass and Vine

Glass and Vine

Imagine being able to feast European-inspired dishes while sitting in a lush garden by the sea. There is no need to daydream (or travel to Europe), as this is exactly what you can do at Glass and Vine in Coconut Grove.

On a particularly beautiful winter day in Miami (75 degrees and sunshine; go ahead, be jealous), the humans and I decided to take a stroll and check out this very popular eatery.

The Location

Glass and Vine is located in the heart of Coconut Grove, one of my favorite neighborhoods in South Florida (It’s SUPER dog-friendly? and has lots of trees? #PeeMails).

This former Coconut Grove Library turned restaurant is actually nestled INSIDE of a park (Peacock Park); making it the pawfect indoor/outdoor spot to chill out & relax. Maybe you folks that live in New York are use to your giant-restaurant-filled-Central-Park-style-Parks…but here in Miami, there is nothing like it. Legit cool!

Whether you are looking for some brunch, lunch or dinner; the vine-covered roof with ceiling windows is the pawfect backdrop to any meal.

Glass and Vine
A stroll through the town requires a fancy bow-tie.
Glass and Vine
Behind me is some of the lush vegetation that surrounds Glass and Vine. A true tropical oasis.
Glass and Vine
A romantic dinner for two? That’s right: I highly recommend bringing a sexy fur-lady for a fancy dinner….and a kiss. 🙂
Glass and Vine
In true Coconut Grove fashion, Glass and Vine is ultra dog-friendly. They brought me a water bowl even though I opted to drink and eat straight from the table…Duh!
The Food

With Chopped Season 1 champion, chef Giorgio Rapicavoli, creating the menu… you can be sure that there will be delicious concoctions to try while at Glass and Vine.

The humans and I went during lunch so we decided to try a couple of dishes:
First up, keeping it light with some Pork Belly. That’s right, a fork-full of pork makes the medicine go down…in the most delightful way!

Paired with the Pork Belly? Some amazzzzingggg Fried Yucca. The Yucca was topped with “huancaina sauce”, queso blanco, lime and cilantro. Slightly spicy & tangy, delightfully delicious.

Up next? A classic sandwich done to pawfection.  A BLT Sandwich made with applewood bacon, heirloom tomatoes and little gem lettuce. Yeah, it sounds basic but can I tell you that it was like biting into buttery, airy, goodness. So drool-worthy.

What was my least favorite part about my afternoon at Glass and Vine? The torture of having to ‘pose’ with the dishes before I could dig in!! T-O-R-T-U-R-E!

Glass and Vine
Human, can you hurry up and take the pictures already? This Pork Belly is calling my name!
Glass and Vine
The stink-eye you give your human when you just want to eat and she just wants to take your picture. #fakesmile
Glass and Vine
Crispy yucca sticks with cheese sauce? Take all my money. I want to eat this everyday for the rest of my life!
Glass and Vine
Hami Tip: want to make space for more food? Sit back, relax and let out a silent fart. The release of the gases will make more space in the tum-tums. #YouAreWelcome
More 411

Glass and Vine is pretty popular with tourists and locals alike. That is why I highly recommend you make reservations before heading for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Head to their website for directions, hours of operation and contact info. And if you want to spend your day drooling over some amazing #foodporn pics, then make sure you follow them on Instagram.

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