A Fun-Filled Day of Shopping at Marshalls

As you all very well know by now, I am a very MACHO-manly-fur-man. And like most he-man-beard-touting-tough-men, I don’t enjoy the idea of spending the day shopping with the human. Look at this thing. Look at that over there. Touch this. Try that….. B-O-R-I-N-G!

But, when the human says, “We are going to Marshalls” I immediately jump at the opportunity. Why? Because Marshalls loves dogs…And, this dog loves Marshalls. It is always an adventure there. Plus, I always leave with a treat or toy! 🙂

Check Out My Most Recent Adventure Shopping at Marshalls

Dogs Marshalls Shopping
Hi there. Here I am, in my Marshalls shopping cart. Marshalls has a super friendly Pet policy (you can even walk on a leash through the store) but since I tend to get overly excited, it is easier on my human to put me in the cart.
Dogs Marshalls Shopping Toys
Seen behind me: ALL ZE TOYYSSS!! So many options to pick from. Everytime the human takes me, she lets me sniff at them until I bite down on one and then ta-da!! I get to keep it. (of course, she has to do the human thing of buying it by swiping a plastic thingy in a machine thingy)


Dogs Marshalls Shopping Dog Toys
What did I bite down on (aka: pick) on this fine day? A very adorable plush doggie for me to chew on. It even has a little squeaky inside so I can drive my human crazy with the sound as I chew incessantly.
Dogs Marshalls Shopping in Cart
Aside from Dog toys (and beds and leashes and poopie bags), Marshalls has Fun Dog stuff for the house. Check out how fun the pillow behind me is….a dog with glasses on a pillow? Talk about taking interior decorating to a whole new pawsome level.


Dogs Marshalls Shopping Towels
I like to play fair. So, since the human accompanied me to the dog section, I went with her to the human section (which by the way…is MUCH larger than the dog section. Who do I speak to at Marshalls about making it 50% human / 50% dog merchandise?) Seen here: me checking myself out in the textile section of the store. Tee- hee 🙂
Dogs Marshalls Shopping Laundry
Yes, human…. Get one of each color and then let me lay on them after you take them out of the laundry dryer, when they are nice and warm. I dare you.
Dogs Marshalls Shopping Skincare
A wall of what-is-this??? Humans need to put all of this stuff on their ‘skin’? Poor humans. You should all just let your fur grow and then you wouldn’t have to worry about things like sunblock and anti-wrinkle creams and whatnot. Apawrently, Marshalls has everything the human needs to beautify herself. She likes the way they all smell. I, not so much. I prefer the smell of stinky socks and even the occasional smell of a solid poo-rub.

Make sure you tell your humans to take a towel to place in the Marshalls shopping cart so it doesn’t bother your paws. Either that, or convince them to buy you a new bed or doggie pillow while there 🙂 My human didn’t think of this till AFTER we had left the store. Silly, human. Atleast next time we go, I will be cruising in comfort 🙂

Also, although Marshalls does have a very pet-friendly policy, it is really up to the local Manager to decide if pets can be roaming the aisles (any Manager that doesn’t allow pets, is a punk in my book) so make sure to call ahead to your local Marshalls and ask if it has a cool manager that allows us fur-creatures.

Have you gone to Marshalls before? Tell me all about it! Leave a comment below.




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