Federal Donuts and the World’s Most Amazing Fried Chicken

Federal Donuts
Picture from: FederalDonuts.com

Federal Donuts

Sure, Philly just won the Superbowl and all but the real MVP of the city is a place called Federal Donuts…A magical place (6 locations to be exact) that serves, you guessed it, gourmet donuts and all sorts of drool-worthy goodness.

But, it also serves the worlds most amazingly-delicious-and-savory Korean-Style fried chicken.

If you’re from Philly then you know what I am talking about. And if you are not from there, then you are probably wondering why a Miami-dog is going on-and-on about a Philadelphia-based fast-casual restaurant.

Well, the first location outside of Philly just so happens to have opened right here in my very backyard. Can you say #LuckyDog?! ??

My Visit to Federal Donuts in Wynwood

A quick trip to my favorite ‘hood in Miami, and you have found it: the world’s most amazing fried chicken with a side of donuts.

Federal Donuts

Federal Donuts – The Menu

The menu is broken down into 3 categories: Donuts (the cakey type), Fried Chicken and Chicken Sandwiches.

Under donuts, you can choose from the “hot and fresh” options (Cafe con Leche, Strawberry Lavender and Cinnamon Brown Sugar) OR, you can get supa-dupa fancy with the “fancy” donuts. These flavors rotate throughout the year but when I went they had: Blueberry Pancake, Guava & Cream Cheese and Cookies and Cream, among others.

In the Fried Chicken section of the menu, you can pick from made-to-order half or whole fried chicken. They are served either dry, wet or naked. Dry = the additional of dry seasoning rubs like za’atar, buttermilk ranch (errmaaagawddd the raaaanchhhh) and coconut curry. Wet = the drenching of chili garlic, sweet soy garlic or honey ginger sauces.

Lastly, if you are feeling for some carbs, the menu also includes a fried chicken sandwich, topped with buttermilk ranch seasoning, spicy sauce sandwhiched between a potato roll…served with a donut on the side, of course!

Federal Donuts
A Half Fried Chicken with the Buttermilk Ranch seasoning sprinkled oh, so delicately and beautifully over that crunchy fried exterior. And the plain honey donut that compliments the spices so nicely!
Federal Donuts
How do they get the outside so crunchy and the inside so juicy? Can someone tell me? Also: would it be ok if I bathed myself in that buttermilk ranch seasoning?

More 411

Important to note: Federal Donuts only allows Service Animals inside their establishment. Also, the location in Miami is very small and sits about 15 people so make sure you are flexible and don’t mind trying to find somewhere to sit outside when the restaurant is packed.

There is a nearby terrace on the same block (La Terraza) that has benches and tables you can use to enjoy your Fried Chicken with your pup.

Follow Federal Donuts on Instagram to get a proper dose of daily #foodporn and to get more information, make sure you head to their Website.

Live in Philly and know what I am talking about? Let me know what you think of Federal Donuts in the comments below….Live in Miami and have visited Federal Donuts? What did you think? Comment below mah peeps!

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