Dog Valentine’s Day Gifts: What To Get Your Fur-Lady

Valentines Day Gifts

They all say that they don’t really care about this time of year, but we all know they tell lies.

All fur-ladies care about Valentine’s Day. Believe me.

That is why, you must be prepared and ALWAYS get your fur-lady many Valentine’s Day Gifts…always. If not, you will most definitely end up in the doghouse.

Not sure what to get your special lady? Don’t fret, I am here to help. Just call me cupid and listen to every word I say.

What To Get Your Fur-Lady This Valentine’s Day

Doing something special on Valentine’s Day, like sharing a giant bowl of pasta under the moonlight, is a given. But what might not be so evident is that you must also romance your fur-lady and GIFT her something.

There are only a few days until V-day…Have you gotten your lady a gift? If not, try one (or all) of these things and you will be a HIT on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Flowers – Nothing says I love you more than a bouquet of flowers. After your fur-lady is done smelling them, you can both take turns peeing on them. A romantic and practical gift.
  2. Some Bubbly – Get the champagne flutes out and toast to your love with some delicious Muttscato. A few licks of this stuff and she will surely be licking you. Ohhh, yeahhhhh.
  3. Your Heart – Imagine the look on your ladies face when you tell her you want to give her your heart this Valentine’s Day. Two hearts that beat as one? Fur-ever in my heart? Yup…all the mushy romantic mumbo jumbo fur-ladies like to hear. Romance her with the gift of ‘words’. 

Lastly, make sure that there is lots of food and treats available this Valentine’s Day. You know how they say that the way to a Fur-Man’s heart is through his stomach? Yeah, I’ve learned that the same applies for fur-ladies.

So remember: Flowers, Champagne, Your heart and food. Lot’s and lots of food.

Why P.L.A.Y. Plushies?

I know what you are thinking…where are those pawsome plush toys from? They are from my absolute favorite dog brand: P.L.A.Y.

I’ve written about them before: remember my amazing outdoor tent and the time I showed you what to cook when you BBQ? Yeah, those were from P.L.A.Y. too!

As for their plushies, well; they are my go-to toys.

All the P.L.A.Y. plushies have hand-made craftsmanship, double layer exteriors and double-stitched edges to ensure extra durability. 

The inside of the toys are made of eco-friendly PlanetFill® filler made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles. And, they are all machine washable and dryer friendly. (my human really loves this).

And the noises they make… oh, the noises! Crinkle, crackle. Squeaky squeak. Crunchy crunch. The toys are honestly soooo much fun to play with.

This Puppy Love Toy Set Includes:
  • A crinkly bouquet of Rover’s Roses with a squeaker inside each rose (triple squeakiness!)
  • A Fur-ever Hearts rope toy with two-tone squeakers
  • A Barking Bubbly bottle featuring a funny giggle stick sound – guys, it’s hilarious!

Make sure you head to the P.L.A.Y website to see this Puppy Love toy set and everything else they have to offer.

And, if you buy something, make sure to enter HAMI at checkout and you can receive 20% off your total purchase. (yes, off of these toys or anything else on the site!)

Now you have no excuse to not get your fur-lady something amazing for Valentine’s Day.

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