Dog Treats: How to Pick the Best Treats for Your Dog

Dog Treats
Treats on treats on treats!!

If you are anything like my human, then you like to reward your pups with a little treat whenever they do something outstanding. Or, even sneak a little treat here and there ‘just because’.

Well, I’m here to let you know that not all packaged dog treats are created equal.

Scenario: you go to the store and see hundreds of different dog treat options. What to buy? How do you choose? Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Simple: start reading! You must read the labels on all dog treat packages so you that know what is IN the treats before giving them to your dog.

dog treats
Look at that label: No artificial preservatives. No Chemicals, added salt or sugar and no wheat or corn. Gluten Free. Made in the USA. yasssss!

How To Read Labels on Packaged Dog Treats

Sure, I get it. Sometimes it feels like you are reading another language. But that is exactly the problem – if you cannot understand what you are reading, put that package down and get something you can understand.

As a general rule of thumb, I tell the human that she should never get treats that:

  • List a million-and-one ingredients she can barely pronounce (keep it as simple as possible).
  • Contain artificial preservatives or food coloring (yuck, Hami don’t play that!).
  • Have any type of animal product from unnamed species (like, I need to know what I am eating, thank you very much).

Instead, try to find dog treats that:

  • Say organic or have as many organic ingredients a possible.
  • Are locally sourced and made. Or, at least know where the treat is made and where the ingredients came from. If they don’t list this information then, be wary.
  • As minimally processed as possible. Make sure that the ingredients are as ‘pure’ as can be. Example: An ingredient that says “Chicken Meal” is not as good as if it were to say “Chicken”. Chicken is the pure ingredient while chicken meal has has something done to it.
  • Have as little ingredients as possible. I pawsonally love single-ingredient, meaty treats.

My Favorite Single-Ingredient Dog Treats: Live Pawsitively

dog treats
Simply Chicken = 100% USDA Grade A chicken breast. Beef Liver Bites = 100% all natural dehydrated Beef Liver.

Nothing gets me drooling more than the goodies from Live Pawsitively, a small, family run business that makes the most drool-worth (and healthy) single-ingredient dog treats.

I wish you could taste through screens and monitors so you can see what I mean. Check out the amazing variety of treats and the lists of ingredients in each of the Live Pawsitvely products:

dog treats
Steak Nuggets, Wild Salmon and Beef Jerky. Can I has one of each please?
Dog Treats
Steak Nuggets = Freeze dried Pure beef. Wild Salmon = Freeze dried 100% wild caught Alaskan Salmon. Beef Jerky = 100% USDA Beef al la jerky!
Dog Treats
Chicken Chips = 100% Chicken hearts. Lamb Puffs = dehydrated lamb lung. Sounds weird to humans, I know. But to a dog…sounds like a delicatessen.

Want to taste the Live Pawsitively treats for yourself and are not in Miami? No worries – head to the Live Pawsitively website and order your treats online. You will thank me later.

Lastly, Other Things To Keep In Mind With Dog Treats

Treats should only make up 10% of your pups food intake.

Just ‘cus the treats are ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’, doesn’t mean that they are All You Can Eat. Enjoy in moderation and watch that waist line!

Have a tummy-sensitive pup and not sure what treats are ok for him? Make sure you always check with your vet before feeding your pup new foods.

What dog treats do you give your pups? We would love to know! tell us in the comments below!

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