My Doggie Suitcase: The Ultimate Dog Travel Packing Checklist

Hami in Miami

T-Minus 4 days until I am roaming (and peeing) on the streets of Barcelona!

Can you believe it? I am going to be getting on a plane and flying over the magnificent Atlantic Ocean into such amazing adventures.

Before that happens though, it’s time to pack those bags and make sure I take all of the essentials to ensure I have a great trip.

The human and I have made a list and checked it a gazillion times…and left it here for you so that the next time you have to pack for your pup, it’s a breeze!

You are welcome 🙂

Dog Travel Packing Checklist

So you bought plane tickets, you took your pup to the vet to make sure he’s up-to-date with his vaccines and the required vaccines of the country you plan on visiting.

Now it’s time to pack those bags. Here is what you will need:

Before the Flight:

  • Official Paperwork: make sure you have all of your pups papers – vaccination records, vet’s clean bill of health letter, your ESA letter (if you have one), and a doggie passport if required. Some countries require this so make sure to check way ahead of time.
  • Prescriptions & Meds: if you are going to be traveling for some time, don’t forget those meds that are given on a schedule, such as Heart Guard and anti-tick/flea medication.

During the Flight:

  • Carrying Case: make sure you get your pup a very comfy and TSA approved dog carrying case. This will make all the difference during a long flight. TIP: If it’s your first time traveling with your pup, you will want to get them use to the carrier long before the trip. That way they learn to love it! We love the SturdiBag Pet Carrier (Black) because it is very comfortable to carry and fits perfectly under the seat of the plane.
    • Blanket: add your dogs favorite blankie in the carrying case for warmth & comfort.
    • Portable Water Bowls: depending on how long your flight is, you’ll need to give your dog some water so that they can stay hydrated. But make sure it is not too much so they don’t pee-pee on the plane. We love these Expandable Bowls since they do not take that much space.

    • Pee-Pee Pads: just in case however, bring along a pee-pee pad so that your dog doesn’t have to hold it in the entire flight. TIP: make sure you stop feeding your dog 4 hours before the flight and take them for a long walk before the airport. This will help once in the air.

    • Favorite Toy: because dogs need entertainment too! TIP: try non-squeaky toys so you don’t drive your neighbor crazy 🙂
    • Treats: to reward your pooch for their pawsome behavior on the plane.

    During the Trip:

    • Food & Food Container: make sure you pack enough food to last your whole trip in an air-tight container. They might not have your dog food abroad so it’s best to take it with you. We just LOVE this Canvas Storage Container since it is much easier to fit in our suitcase.
    • Water Bottle: carry a water bottle (with your expandable water bowls) at all times. That way you are always ready to give your pup H20 while site seeing.
    • Leash & Collar: make sure that the collar has a dog-tag with all your up-to-date contact info.
    • Tick Collar: depending on where you are going, there might be a need to have additional tick/flea protection. We like to take a tick collar with us just in case.
    • Poo Bags: don’t look like a doo-doo-head while abroad and make sure you pick up after your pooch. We like the poo bags that tie on to the leash, like the ones below, so they are always with us on walks.

    • Doggie Wet Wipes: essential for cleaning dirty paws and other unexpected yuckies!
    • Carrying Tote: planning to do a lot of walking? We totally recommend taking a doggie carrying tote just in case your pooch gets tired. We just adore the Distressed Canvas Tote from The Company Store. Not only does it look super fashionable but it makes carrying a pup effortless!

    • Shampoo & Conditioner: rolling around in Spanish poo? Better take the shampoo and conditioner your pooch is accustomed to so that there are no possible skin irritations while abroad. We absolutely love and always use Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner from GNC.
    • Emergency Kit: because some dogs decide to get extra wild on vacation, it is better to be prepared with a Canine Friendly Pet First Aid Kit.

    During Adventures:

    • Life Jacket: have plans to go swimming in the ocean? Make sure fido is safe so you are not stressed. Make sure to take a Dog Life Jacket  for splish-splashing fun!
    • Towels: because they ALWAYS come in handy. These Scottish Terrier Beach Towels are totes adorable 🙂

    For Photo Opportunities:

    • Go Pro, Camera and Selfie Stick: you will definitely want to capture your doggies adventures abroad. Don’t forget your devices, their chargers and of course, lots of memory sticks!
    • T-shirts, Bow-ties & Bandanas: because a well-traveled pooch must totally look the part. We like to take apparel that matches the countries vibe & theme 🙂 For Ibiza, I will be using the cutest nautical bandana from Woof = Love.

     Got Any Other Packing Tips?

    We would love to hear them! Leave us a comment below to let us know what we might have missed.

    And of course, we hope that this list has made packing for your pup a lot easier 🙂

    Big Hug, Hami & Human!

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  1. Where was this list when we went to Texas!!!! Jk!!! Very good info!!!! You will be one prepared pup!!!! Can’t wait to see pictures!!!! ???

  2. Don’t pee-pee on the plane Hami (?) and don’t drive your neighbor crazy ?
    No , I’m sure all the passengers will fall in love with you!❤️
    Enjoy your trip and the Spanish fur ladys! ❤️❤️

  3. You are going to have a plane and country full of new followers, if they aren’t following already. ❤️

  4. Well done Hami!! In wich airline are you traveling? My Bella (weathen scottie 7kg) wasn’t admited on the airplane and had to travel fron Cancún to Bologna on cargo ??? it was horrible!! but we were moving to Italy so we didnt have a choice…

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