Dog Owner Etiquette: How Not to be a Douchey Dog Owner

Dog Owner Etiquette: How Not to be a Douchey Dog Owner

Dog Owner Etiquette
The only thing keeping me from running wild in the neighborhood? That fence!

You guys, today marks a new day for the Hami In Miami blog! Today, I have the pleasure of introducing to you a contributing writer: Ms. Aurora James of

Aurora has written this guide on how to be a conscientious canine owner and I am sharing it for all of you to see. Of course, below you will find some of my thoughts on the matter.

Don’t be a douchey dog owner and make sure you read all about what is appropriate dog owner etiquette so your friends, family and neighbors don’t end up hating you and your pooch.

Dog Owner Etiquette
The face you make when you realize there is a crevice in the fence….#EscapeArtist

How To be a Considerate Canine Owner:

According to the old saying, good fences make good neighbors. And that’s especially true if you’re a dog owner. Read on for some tips on how to be a considerate and responsible dog owner.

Pooches and Private Property

Keeping your dog confined to your yard and off your neighbors’ lawns is an essential element of being a conscientious canine owner. So, if you are planning to get a pup or already have a dog and and are making a move to a home without a fenced area for him to frolic, you probably need to explore fence-installation options. And, even if your property has a fence, it might be time to replace it, especially if your dog has found an easy escape hatch.

Hami Comment: Come on my peeps, my friend Aurora is right! Us dogs are mini Houdini’s when it comes to escaping. We see a squirrel and BAM! That little crevice in the fence becomes our very own escape trick!

Start your planning process by researching prices. Factors including the material selected, the style of fencing, and the size of the area to be enclosed will affect the project’s price. The average cost to install a wood fence in Miami ranges from $1,712 to $3,937, according to HomeAdvisor. So those figures are probably a good place to start when setting savings goals and collecting estimates from fencing companies if you opt to have a wood fence installed.

Security and Sound Protection

In addition to keeping pets contained and adding value and an attractive element to your property—particularly if your fence suits the style of your home—fences can help keep kids safely in the yard and serve as a wind and noise buffer while providing privacy and security.

Dog Owner Etiquette
Caught mid-air…and mid-bark attack! GIMMIE THE BALL! Photo: ML Mathinsen

And, as a dog owner, security is also an important consideration because it’s not unheard of for dogs to be stolen from their own property. In fact, even a fence is sometimes not enough to deter determined pet thieves, especially if your yard—and your furry friend—are visible from the street.

Hami Comment: Pet thieves?!?!?! Oh, dear. You mean there are people out there that want to come take me away from my humans? Um, no thanks! Humans, when we move from our apartment to a house with a yard….we are getting a fence. No one is stealing the Haminator.

So experts suggest supervising your dog anytime he’s outdoors, which is also good etiquette as a dog owner since your pet is lot less likely to bark nonstop or escape if you are outside keeping him company. Along those lines, you should also practice getting your dog’s attention and redirecting him if he begins to bark, according to the Animal Humane Society. Making sure your dog gets an adequate amount of attention and exercise can also cut down on barking.

Dog Owner Etiquette
Out and about on the town. Check out how my human handles me and stops me from going over to the fur-ladies not pictured here. Photo: Ml Marthinsen
Out and About

When you and your pup are on walks, always be sure to keep her leashed and carry everything you need to pick up her poop. (And, if you want to keep your neighbors happy, pick up poop on your property as well.) You should also be conscious that not everyone is comfortable around dogs, so make sure your leash is short enough to stop your overly eager friend from coming into contact with passersby. Similarly, ask before letting your dog approach people or other dogs.

Hami Comment: I don’t understand it either but I hear that this is in fact true! There are ‘weird’ people out there that do not like dogs. Crazy, huh? That is why my human always keeps me on leash cus if not, I always go up to people; even the ones that don’t really love furry friends.

And, even if your dog rarely comes into contact with other animals or strangers, it’s essential that you keep their vaccinations current because you can never be too careful when it comes to dangerous and deadly diseases such as rabies. Likewise, you should spay or neuter your dog unless you expressly plan to let him or her breed. Spaying or neutering is healthier for your pet, often cuts down on undesirable behavior, and prevents animal overpopulation. And, if dogs escape their confines, you never know when they might come across another dog who hasn’t been spayed or neutered, so it’s certainly better to be safe than sorry.

Hami Comment: I still have my balls. Phew! My humans say that they are going to use me to breed a fur-lady one day. I get to have “fun” with the fur-lady and then maybe one day I will get to be a dad!

If you follow these steps as a diligent dog owner, your neighbors will welcome you and your pup without complain! In fact, they may even volunteer to dog sit when you’re out of town.


Hami Comments: What did you think about Aurora’s write-up? Do you think are an outstanding dog owner or were you doing douchey things before reading this? Let me know in the comments below!

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