Hami Does Valencia: Dog Friendly Valencia

After 3 days of hanging out and having fun in Barcelona, it was time to pack our bags and take a train to the city of Valencia. That’s right peeps…my first train ride ever and headed to a new city in Spain!

Dog Friendly Valencia
Where is Hami? Can you spot me? 😀

Have I told you guys how much I just adore my Company Store dog-tote? Because I really, really do. My human loves it as well because it’s stylish and very easy to carry me around when it’s time to be more discrete in public. My human is even thinking about getting one in another color soon.

Dog Friendly Valencia

Valencia is such a charming city! It is not as big as its sister cities, Barcelona or Madrid, but it has just as much to see, do and eat! (Plus, it’s less crowded which is soooo much more my style!) Often overlooked as a trendy destination, I am telling you that you MUST add Valencia to your ‘I wanna visit’ list!

Valencia has a nice warm climate, very welcoming and laid-back people (who seem to all really love dogs) and some of the most unique pieces of architecture I’ve ever seen. From Romanesque to baroque, french-classical to contemporary, this mid-sized city really has it all.

Turia Gardens

If you are looking for green spaces to leave some pee-mails behind, then you are in luck. Although the city doesn’t have that many patches of grass in the pedestrian streets (it’s mostly concrete and cobblestone) there are many public parks that are pawfect for the pooches. The most notable, due to it’s history and size, is Turia Gardens which runs across the whole city…and is filled with sooooo many pups and peeps. 🙂

dog friendly valencia

Turia Garden was created from a dry riverbed after a catastrophic flood in 1957 caused the authorities to split the river and send it on a new course. Today, this garden of almost 300 acres has lush green gardens, ponds and recreational facilities for all to enjoy.

Take a look at my first hours experiencing Valencia after getting off of the train:

Dog Friendly Valencia
Here I am, standing in the middle of the old-town-city-center with the Cathedral of Valencia behind me. It is believed that the cathedral houses the Holy Grail.
Dog Friendly Valencia
Valencia is a big producer of colorful ceramic tiles, know as #azulejos?. These colorful tiles make up the many mosaics you can find sprinkled throughout the city, like these!
Dog Friendly Valencia
Just as colorful as the ceramic mosaics above? The rainbow-colored city benches! ?
Dog Friendly Valencia
Calories don’t count while on vacation right? Give me allllll the churros con chocolate you’ve got!!

Royal Gardens

Back in 1560 the Royal Gardens were called the Jardines de Viveros which literally translates to Nursery Gardens. Kings would use the plants from this nursery to adorn their palaces. Today, the large garden has many trees, benches, fountains, and space to spend a relaxing day!

Dog Friendly Valencia
A pup could get use to this! The sites, the smells, the Spanish fur-ladies. Ohhhh yeahhhh!
Dog Friendly Valencia
I made SO many fur-friends during my time at the Royal Gardens but my human failed her Pawblicist duties and forgot to take pictures.
Dog Friendly Valencia
Go ahead…say it. These are the MOST BEAUTIFUL gardens you’ve ever seen. I know; I agree!
Dog Friendly Valencia
Does this shirt make me look extra Spanish? 🙂

City of Arts and Science

If you are inspired by my blog to one day visit Valencia, then make sure you set aside at least a full day to visit the City of Arts and Sciences. There is so much to see and do!!

Designed by Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava, several of the buildings in this complex have now even become icons in the city. Cool, futuristic, super-modern, iconic buildings!

There is no fee to visit the complex and spend the day walking around but you do need tickets to enter some of the buildings: the Hemisferic (a Laserium, Planetarium and IMAX cinema), the Science Museum and Oceanografic, the largest Aquarium in Europe.

Dog Friendly Valencia
I am not on the moon, I am at the City of Arts & Sciences! Doesn’t it look other-worldly? I LOVED my time here.
Dog Friendly Valencia
The building behind me looks like a helmet but it is really the cities Opera House; the Reina (Queen) Sofía Palace of the Arts.
Dog friendly Valencia
One of the entrances into the City of Arts & Sciences is the L’Umbracle. It’s a long garden and walkway that houses indigenous trees. The bestttt spot to leave behind some pee-mails 🙂
Dog Friendly Valencia
My human says I look smashing in this photo. I have to agree.
Dog Friendly Valencia
The face of a dog who has been enjoying Valencia all too much.

Hami Valencia Tips

  • In our opinion, the best way to get a great grasp of what the city has to offer, is to ride the hop-on-and-off tourist buses. We used the Valencia Bus Touristic company because they allowed pups. As long as the dog is in a bag, there is no problem for a pooch to come on board!
  • The city-center, or the old town, has a plethora of outside terraces and spaces where dogs are welcome. It is not like in the US where restaurants have water bowls for your pooch, so make sure to take your own Portable Doggie Bowl
  • Just as with Barcelona, Taxi drivers in Valencia have the right to refuse you service if they do not feel like taking a dog. Make sure you have a Doggie Carrier that fully covers your pooches head and you should be ok! 🙂


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