Clever Coffee At Cafe Curuba

Curuba Cafe Coral Gables Coffee
This is me on my favorite stool at Cafe Curuba in Coral Gables.

You know how us fur-dogs are addicted to things like tennis balls, cheese and napping? Well, my human is addicted to a thing called coffee. I am not allowed to taste this beverage because it is not dog friendly, but the human has taught me a thing or two about this coffee phenomenon and I am going to teach you, my pawsome blog readers.

What comes to mind when hear the word coffee? A cappuccino, a puppachino? Maybe you visualize a fancy latte with some really cool latte art?  Whatever you picture, I bet you didn’t think of a Clever Dripper. Clever Dripper, you ask? That is right, the Clever (pronounced \ˈkle-vər\) is a brewing method that has got the craft coffee community abuzz.

Curuba Cafe Coral Gables Coffee Clever Dripper and Barista Kettle
Clever dripper and Barista Kettle.

Producing a cup o’ Joe that is a cross between ‘drip’ and ‘french press’, one thing is for sure; the caffeinated beverage that is brewed with this method is divine (according to my human, of course). A smooth, bold-bodied (Body is the consistency or viscosity of the beverage) clean-flavored finish.

Cafe Curuba

I accompanied my human to our favorite neighborhood coffee shop, Cafe Curuba, to see how the process works.


{Above: check out how my favorite barista prepares my humans drink}.

Clever Preparation for Dummies:

  1. Place a paper filter in the dripper and moisten with hot water.
  2. Fill a barista kettle with water and bring to a boil. Meanwhile, grind some fresh coffee beans to medium or medium/fine thickness.
  3. Place the ground beans into the dripper and then start pouring the hot water with steady circular patterns. To my furry friends, you will definitely need human help with this.
  4. Saturate the grounds with enough water until it has reached the top of the Clever.
  5. Allow the water to fully saturate the coffee for about 4 minutes. This will extract all the goodness from the grounds making your drink taste delicious.
  6. When the time is up, place the dripper on your cup or container of choice and release the lever. Watch as the finished product dispenses and enjoy!
  7. ORRRRRRR skip steps 1-6 and just head to Cafe Curuba (or your local craft coffee joint) so that someone else can prepare it for you!

Hami Knowledge:

Did you know that a cup of brewed coffee has more caffeine than an espresso shot? Most people drink an espresso when they need a pick-me-up not knowing the contrary. The reason being that caffeine is extracted from ground coffee when it is in contact with water. The longer the contact with water, the more caffeine extraction. An espresso shot is in contact with water for about 25 seconds but a cup of coffee is in contact much longer.

Curuba Cafe Coral Gables Clever Coffee
Warning: Clever coffee causes smiles. 😀
Curuba Cafe Coral Gables Latte
Feeling super fancy? Then worry not! Cafe Curuba also prepares some legit lattes with some bad-ass latte art. Just look!
Curuba Cafe Coral Gables Coffee Counter Culture
Also on the menu at Curuba? Teas, treats and more. Hami Tip: Make sure you try the Guava filled Pan de Bonos. Just trust me. TRUST. ME.



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