Geekin’ Out at The Frost Science Museum

I have to admit, I am a sucker for science. So, when I heard that Miami was getting it’s very own Science Museum, I peed myself a little with excitement. Geekin’ to the max at the thought of a place where I can let my imagination run wild. Ok ya’ll, time to bust out the lab coats and Science goggles, I am taking you on a very pawsome tour of the Frost Science Museum.

Feelin’ Healthy & Fit at Raw Juce

Whenever I overindulge on cheese, I end up needing to give my body a proper reset. You know, give the intestines some T.L.C in order to help prevent some major farty-fart action. For this, I always head over to Raw Juce on Miami Beach and treat myself to some delicious cold pressed juices and more!