Bocas House: Drool-worthy Food in Doral

Hami In Miami Bocas House
Can you guess what these are? Read on to find out! 🙂

Bocas House in Doral, is the ultimate drool-worthy food destination in South Florida. From delectable meat platters to fresh Peruvian ceviche, and everything in between; Bocas House has a delightful mix of South American inspired dishes that is sure to delight even the pickiest of eaters.

I recently visited Bocas, and took the humans with me because I am such a good boy. As a result of our visit, we now understand all the hype behind this restaurant. Plus, we can confirm that the #foodporn that you see on their Instagram, is in fact porn for the eyes when seen in person.

About Bocas House

Bocas House, opened in February 2016, is the vision and creation of Venezuelan natives, Cesar Gonzalez and Levin de Grazia.

The concept behind the restaurant is to explore and fuze Venezuelan and Peruvian gastronomies and take Latin food to the next level. You want Peruvian Ceviche, Causas and Wok concoctions? Yep, they have those. Feeling for some Asado Negro o Polvorosas de Pollo from Venezuela? You should probably just get it all!

You will not be disappointed. What you will be however, is very full. You should therefore make sure to bring out the stretchy pants and get ready to feast to your hearts content.


Question: What’s the best way to prep the stomach before getting ready to eat very large quantities of food?

Answer: You expand the lining of your stomach by eating appetizers, duh! (Ok, I’m no doctor or anything and I just made that up. I think. Why don’t you try and see if it works!).

Hami In Miami Bocas House
I think you all know by now but let me reiterate: my favorite food in the world is anything that has or is made of cheese. Seen here: me drooling over the two cheese dishes. To the right is a mac & cheese that rivals all the mac & cheeses ever known to man. To the left, is a typical Venezuelan ‘cheese stick’ delicatessen known as a Tequeno.
Hami In Miami Bocas House
Cheese on cheese on cheese on cheese. I cannot explain to you how happy I was at this exact moment. You see that Mac & Cheese? It has yellow pepper, bacon powder and crunchy onions inside…The pawfect mix of flavors and textures. (PS: Onions are not good for doggies so the human made sure to give me just a tiny little bit of one of the macaronis).
Hami In Miami Bocas House
Up Next? A little (ok, a lotta) ceviche! Ceviche is one of the most popular and well-known Peruvian dishes and in it’s most basic preparation, is made by cooking Sea Bass (or other white fish) in lemon juice. Of course, there are many different types and styles of ceviche. That is why I got the Bocas Ceviche Sampler.

Bocas House
The Ceviche Sampler has: Sea Bass (or Corvina as it is called in Spanish) Ceviche, Bocas House Ceviche, Salmon Ceviche (with a delish passion fruit sauce) and the Vuela a la Vida Ceviche (Calamari, Shrimp, Octopus and Mussels mixed with a special sauce). Trust me, if you are in the mood to throw your mouth a party, you have to try all four!

The Main Course

I admit, I might have been a bit full at this point after the Tequenos, Mac and Cheese and Ceviche Platter. But the show must go on. We HAD to order some land animals!

Up next…The Parrilla Mixta Bocas Platter. Dun, dun, dun!!!! :::queue the dramatic music:::

Hami In Miami Bocas House
Yes, Hi…Waiter. I will need a bib. Thanks!
Hami In Miami Bocas House
The Parrilla Mixta Bocas House comes complete with: 24oz Porterhouse, 7oz Short Ribs, 10oz Chicken Churrasco, Chorizo, 2 mini Blood Sausages, Grilled Peppers, Asparagus and Avocado, Golden Yucca Fries, Coleslaw, handmade chimichurri sauce and a side of OH MY DOG!
Hami In Miami Bocas House
Listen humans, I pride myself in being a good boy all the time. In fact, you were blessed with an angel dog as far as I am concerned. But you are testing my limits here. I NEED TO EAT THIS STEAK!!!!!!


Ask someone about Bocas House in Miami and they will most likely reply with: “yeah, that’s the place with the monumental milkshakes”.

You are about to understand why.

The Nutella Milkshake!!!

Hami In Miami Bocas House
You guys! This is not photoshopped! This milkshake is almost my height!!!! Homemade vanilla ice cream mixed with Nutella to make the CREAMIEST milkshake. The cup is rimmed with Nutella; naturally, and to top it all off, a homemade chocolate brownie with truffle chocolates, a giant ball of vanilla ice cream all topped with a Nutella drizzle….all in this beautifully and delicious messy presentation. A true piece of art!
Hami In Miami Bocas House
I know what you are thinking but no, it is NOT too sweet. It is simply pawfect. Bocas House also has a Tres Leches Milkshake, a Cookies and Cream Milkshake and when it is your birthday (and you have an ID to prove it) they give you a special birthday milkshake topped with a piece of cake….on the house) 🙂


In conclusion, my visit to Bocas House was a complete success! I went in weighing 15-pounds and left weighing 30. In addition, I got to treat my humans to a delicious meal. That’s right peeps: I picked up the bill.

I told you all I was a good boy 🙂

More 411

Bocas House is not ‘pet-friendly’ so make sure to leave the pooches at home (unless, of course, they are a service animal).

How come I got to visit? Because I am the bestest Miami city guide ever, duh! A true V.I.P: Very Important Pup, if you will. <3

BTS: Behind The Scenes

Ever wondered how my pawblicist & human manages to get the photos of me with all that yummy food? Check out this exclusive behind the scenes footage. Yup, I know. The camera loves me 🙂


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