Blog Feature: How a Scottie Taught His Owner Acceptance

Peeps and pups!

I am so happy to share with you you all a very special blog feature.

You see, not too long ago, I received a message from a Devon Mcleod of New York. Devon is a therapist and counselor in NYC and frequently shares very insightful life lessons and experiences on her blog.

Hami IN Miami
Devon and Mr. Patton.

On this special day, Devon shared with me the story of how her Scottie, Mr. Patton, taught her an important life lesson: Acceptance.

As I read the post to my human, she started to get a little emotional. She said something about how she could totally relate to Devon’s experience about the joys (and learnings) of owning a Scottie for the first time.

Hey, Patton…We can totally be BFFs.

 Devon’s Blog Post:

If you are a Scottie owner, then this excerpt from Devon’s post will hit home:

“No, he wasn’t interested in pleasing us and yes, he had his own “ideas” about the rules and regulations of the home. Sure, he sat on command when treats were involved, but for the most part, my Scottish terrier did what he wanted, when he wanted”

If that doesn’t strike a chord, then this blurb sure will:

“I’ve stopped comparing him to other dogs. Instead, I smile when he goes to a corner of the room to get personal space and I laugh when he demonstrates his signature stubbornness.“

I invite all the Scottie owners out there to head over to Devon’s Blog and read her experience. You will thank me.

For all the none Scottie owners, I invite you to learn all about ‘my kind’ in this pawsome write up. It is pretty on point!

PS: #ScottiesRule 😛

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