Getting My Drink (and food) on at the Biscayne Bay Brewery

Biscayne Bay Brewery

If you are ever near or around Doral, Florida (a hood in Miami), then a visit to Biscayne Bay Brewery is a must.

Not only do they have delectable fare options but their home-brewed craft beer is slurpalicious. Yes, I totes just made that word up.

Biscayne Bay Brewery

Two words: super chill.

Feel like going somewhere to get some grub but don’t feel like having to put up with the typical ‘Miami’ crowd? The Biscayne Beer Brewery is almost like holding a vibe in your very own living room.

Only your living room has a tap room and over 8 types of craft beers being brewed ‘in the back’.  😛

A few weeks ago, a bunch of my ZipKick Influencer friends and I spent a pawsome afternoon tasting exactly what Biscayne Bay Brewery has to offer.

Biscayne Bay Brewery
Long tables to hold lots of food + a giant game of Jenga + lots of beer = a sure way to have a good time.
Biscayne Bay Brewery
No, that giant Jenga is NOT bigger than me..My pawblicist just didn’t get a good angle. Pft!! making me look small.
Biscayne Bay Brewery
The face you make when you find out that Biscayne Bay Brewery has a Ms. Pac Man machine!

The Food & Drink

If you go to a brewery, you expect to find a plethora of craft beer options…. and that is exactly what you will find at Biscayne Brewery.

They have a menu of Core Beers which you can enjoy pretty much year-round. Beers like the Siren’s Saison (a combination of Pilsner, Pale and Wheat Malts with French Hops) and the Miami Pale Ale as well as  the strangely delicious coffee beer concoction called the La Colada Coffee Porter.

If you are not too drunk at this point, you should also make it a point to try some of their Special Release beers that vary seasonally (and which I might add, have some reallllllyyyy high alcohol volumes ?).

Make sure you order some food while you are chugging that beer, that way it can soak up some of that alcohol ? (and sloppiness).

Biscayne Bay Brewery
Yes, waiter? Keep them coming, kk?
Biscayne Bay Brewery
Want a bite of my Avo Toast? How about I give you the tomatoes and you leave me the rest? ?

The Tour

Because I am a VIP: Very Important Pup, I even got a tour of ‘the back’…Where the magic happens.

That’s right peeps & pups…Biscayne Bay Brewery is totally legit. They actually produce the beers I mentioned above in this very location!

During my visit, I was able to see the whole process of how they make the delicious golden beverage that makes me feel so silly & loose. It was such a great tour.

Want this behind the scene tour as well? Well, you are in luck! You don’t have to be a handsome fur-man to get this experience. The back is open to the public so make sure you call ahead and let them know you want to be shown around.

Biscayne Bay Brewery
Mandatory barrel pose. Had to show off my stylish sweater (side note: the weather had dropped to 75 degrees in Miami this day. Sweater and boot weather!)
Biscayne Bay Brewery
Those giant tanks behind me? That is where the magic happens: milling, mashing, boiling, fermenting, filtering…it’s quite the scientific procedure, indeed!
Biscayne Bay Brewery
Warning: Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery…so like, don’t do it.

Want to learn more about Biscayne Bay Brewery and check out the rest of their menu? Then make sure to head over to their Website for more 411. Make sure to also follow them on Instagram to get the details on some of their daily specials…


….oh, and tell them Hami sent you ?. Cheers!

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