The Biltmore Hotel: Living in Luxury

Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables

The Biltmore Hotel, in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida, was built in 1926 with one goal in mind; to be: “a great hotel…which would not only serve as a hostelry to crowds which were thronging to Coral Gables but also would serves as a center of sports and fashion.”

Which is why, when the human mentioned we would be field-tripping there, it was time to bring out the classiest of classy outfits… A bowtie. You can never be too overdressed!

Biltmore Hotel Miami Bow tie
Do I not exude class? Had to pull out all the stops when going to visit a designated National Historic Landmark.
Biltmore Hotel Miami History
Behind me, the beautiful Biltmore Hotel. Did you know that many Hollywood TV shows/movies have been filmed here: Bad Boys, CSI Miami and of course, Miami Vice.

Some Biltmore Hotel History:

Back when it first opened, the Biltmore Hotel was THE gathering place for top society, the creme de la creme. From royalty (the Duke and Duchess of Windsor), to Hollywood stars ( Ginger Rogers, Judy Garland, Bing Crosby), and even Presidents! Franklin D. Roosevelt had a temporary White House office set up at the Hotel for when he vacationed on his fishing trips. Talk about a ruff life, Mr. President***

Then, there were the guests that were truly gangster. No, really….Gangsters. Famous mobster like Al Capone and Thomas Walsh were loyal guests, since the hotel always had the most legit galas (aka. fancy parties), aquatic shows (think girls in bikinis) and gambling tournaments. During one particular tournament, Mr. Walsh was shot and killed. (Guys, it’s just a game, it’s not that serious) and it is rumored that his ghost still lurks around the hotel. (Hami Tip: stay away from the 13th floor!).

The Biltmore Hotel Today:

Today, the Biltmore is THE spot people with class go (like me)…lol, just kidding. Anyone can enjoy the luxurious property (if you are willing to dish out the $$$). The hotel has luxe quarters ranging from fancy-schmancy rooms to several suites and even 3-bedroom penthouses. All have feather bedding, 340-thread-count Egyptian cotton duvet covers (whatever those are), sitting areas and windows with views of the golf course, pool or cityscape.

Amenities include a full-service spa, an 18-hole golf course, a lighted tennis center, a 10,000-square-foot fitness center and a 21,000-square-foot outdoor pool (Hami Tip: do NOT pee in the pool).

Dog Policy:

They claim that they have a ‘pet-friendly attitude’. This means that pets, 35 pounds or less, are welcome in the accommodations ONLY (as in, dogs cannot be visible in public areas – humph!!! what is that about..dogs are the cutest!). Guests with pets must leave a $500 advance deposit.

***PS: In totally unrelated but totally related news, Mr. Roosevelt was a proud owner of a Scottie Dog named Fala. You had great taste Mr. President; excellent dog choice, if I do say so myself. Wonder if Fala was allowed to scottie-strut about the place back then?

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  1. That was so fascinating, Hami! And your color coordinated bow tie is just the epitome of classy scottie attire! Can’t wait for your next post. I used to have a human blog, so I know how much fun it is!

    • haha I love that you noticed the color coordination. great eye 😀 Next post will be Thursday!! You had a blog as well so you know how much fun (and how much work!)..the human is having a blast. 😀 xoxo- hami

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