A Dog and a Lighthouse: Navigating Through Bill Baggs Park

Bill Baggs National Park Miami

Built in 1825, the Lighthouse over at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is listed as the oldest-standing structure in Miami-Dade County. Because I am such a curious dog, I convinced the human to take me on an adventure there to see this classic piece of architecture.

I love being outdoors. It is my absolute favorite. The moment you put a leash on me, these little legs of mine get a burst of energy (JUST like Speedy Gonzalez. Andale, Andale!).

Below a quick recap of the day in pictures:


Posing on a bench at Bill Baggs National Park Miami
Before entering the Lighthouse area, you are greeted by a finely decorated bench. The perfect photo opportunity. Doesn’t my shirt give this picture the right amount of tropical flavor?
Palmtrees lining Bill Baggs National Park Miami
As you make your way to the Lighthouse, you have to pass a million and one palm trees. I repeat: a MILLION AND ONE PALM TREES. I am smiling from ear to ear here because I most definitely left a trail of Pee-Mails on every. single. one. I’m very proud of myself.
Lighthouse at Bill Baggs National Park in Miami
Here you can see the beautiful Lighthouse. Yes, I know what you are thinking. It looks awfully pristine to have been built back in 1825. Well, it has had a few face lifts since. One word: Hurricanes.
Bill Baggs National Park Miami Lighthouse window
The human thought it would be cute to stick me on the windowsill of the Lighthouse. I guess I agree. It is a cute picture. 🙂
Keepers Quarters in Bill Baggs National Park Miami
Right next to the lighthouse, they installed a mini-museum; a replica of the keeper’s quarters, to give visitors a sense of the maritime history of Florida. Do you think I make a cute lighthouse keeper? Maybe the cutest lighthouse keeper you’ve ever seen? 🙂
Post Bill Baggs Park Tour
Seems like all the sight seeing got me a little tired…. Time to give the paws a rest. Bench posing at its finest!
Nature Trails Bill Baggs
Aside from the Beach, the lighthouse, the museum and pic-nic areas, Bill Baggs has miles and miles and MILEESSSS of nature trails. Just look at me, in complete awe. Nature? Walks? Thousands of new scents to smell? Sign. Me. Up.
Happy Dog
How did my visit to Bill Baggs turn out? Just look at me! I look a bit messy but it was probably one of the best days ever!

Things To Keep In Mind

If you plan on visiting Miami, make sure to reserve a day for Bill Baggs State Park. It is way more than just a beach destination, as you saw above. In addition to the lighthouse, the park has 2 restaurants, a free guided tour of the lighthouse (Thursday-Monday from 10am to 1pm), fishing piers, bike rentals, and lots and lots of nature trails. In

Apawrently, during the summer, the park rangers tape off some of the beach for sea turtle season. That’s right, you might even catch the little baby turtles (which are NOT play toys) hatch and going back to sea!!

Admission is $8 per car and $2.00 for walkers or bikers, not bad at all for loads of things to do and a day filled with fun. Lastly, the park is open from dawn until dusk.

Dog Policy:

This is a dog-friendly State Park as long as we are on a leash. Dogs are NOT allowed on the beach or in the water however. (boo)

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  1. Wonderful blog so good to look at your beautiful area, we live in the far north of tropical Australia so it’s really great to follow your adventures.. Lots of love From Charli xx

    • This makes me SO happy! that is exactly why I created the blog. To show people my adventures and the beautiful city (filled with things to do) that is my home!! 🙂 SO glad you love it. Have many treats up my sleeve. Stay tuned! 😀 xoxo – hami

  2. Well, this is very very informative, Hami! I will definitely leave time to visit here when I’m in Miami again. Oh, and by the way, you are definitely the cutest lighthouse keeper I’ve ever seen! ?

  3. Hami … this is delightful! And seeing Miami from a Scottie’s point of view is absolutely pawesome ?? Miss Annabelle (I think she has a crush on you) and I love hearing about your adventures! Love you Hami ???

    • I am a one-fur-woman dog, but if I didnt have a GF, I would TOTALLY be courting Ms Annabelle. WHo can resist her light fur and her elegant couch sits??!! 😀 It makes me SOOOO Happy to know you liked the blog. More really great stuff coming your way soon! 😀

    • Hola!! puedes aprender ingles conmigo pero te prometo que voy a empezar a escribir algunas cositas en espanol (por lo menos las traducciones) 🙂 gracias por leer mi blog. me alegro mucho que te guste.

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