Top 5 Things To Do in Affordable Miami Beach

Affordable Miami Beach
PHOTO: Dogs of Fun Photography

When you think of Miami Beach, you don’t necessarily think of the word afordable because, let’s face it: Miami Beach is a tourist trap. And, rightfully so!

It is one of the coolest (yet hottest), most unique places in Florida. That is why, if you are ever in South Florida, you MUST make it a point to visit Miami Beach.

Just make sure you do it correctly or you’ll definitely spend a pretty penny. I have compiled a lists of the top 5 things to do in ‘affordable’ Miami Beach that will make it that you leave your vacay with your bank account only slightly depleted. 🙂

Affordable Miami Beach
PHOTO: Dogs of Fun Photography

Top 5 Things to Do in Affordable Miami Beach

Affordable Miami Beach
PHOTO: Dogs of Fun Photography

1. Visit South Beach:

Sun, Sand, Water and lots of sexy people. With nicknames like the “American Riviera” and the “Art Deco Playground”, it is no wonder that millions (yes, MILLIONS) of people flock to these beaches year-after-year.

If you don’t love crowds and want a more secluded beach, you can try heading to North Beach. But, a quick pit-stop to see the white sand and blue waters (and sexy people) at South Beach is a must!

Cost: None. You do not need to pay to lay on South Beach but keep in mind that getting there might be a mission. Parking can be a pain-in-the-ass so we recommend Uber-ing there; if not, walking (depending on where you are staying).

Affordable Miami Beach
PHOTO: Dogs of Fun Photography

2. Take a Walk Down Ocean Drive:

Probably the most recognized boulevards in South Florida, Ocean Drive is as Miami as it gets. Characterized by its many art deco hotels and sky-high palm trees, you will have plenty to see, shop and taste on Ocean Drive.

Best way to experience Ocean Drive? By walking it! Make sure you have your camera ready as you are definitely going to want to take a couple of selfies 🙂

Cost: None. Well, it depends. If you decided to go cray-cray buying things in the various shops, then you could end up wracking up a big bill. 🙂

Affordable Miami Beach
PHOTO: Dogs of Fun photography

3. Nom, Nom, Nom & Chug, Chug Chug:

There are restaurants, bars and cafes in every corner of Miami Beach. You could really make a whole trip out of just eating and drinking as there is SO much to taste and experience. From Cuban food and Greek food, to Healthy and indulgent; Miami Beach really has it all!

Want something healthy? Make sure to check out DIRT Restaurant.

Looking for indulgent desserts and delectable coffees? Then head over to Craft Sobe Cafe.

Want to get crunk (is that even still a saying?) then Fat Tuesdays is a mandatory stop!

Cost: Ok, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to consume stuff. This is probably where you will end up spending the most money if you are anything like me. It really all depends on where you decide to go. Tip: Google/search places before you hit up a restaurant or bar. Picking a place just because it was in front of you, is a sure way to get ripped off!

Affordable Miami Beach
PHOTO: Dogs of Fun photography

4. Visit a Different Hotel, Everyday:

I think there is something like +50,000 hotel rooms in Miami Beach. That’s a LOT of hotels! Each one is special; each one is worthy of a visit.

The Confidante Hotel has a fabulous pool and pool-side cabanas, while the Standard Hotel is tropical, lush and charmingly boutique-ish. Best of all? Most hotels accept furry pups. Just make sure to check before booking.

We recommend heading over to to get a complete directory of pet-friendly places. If not, you can just ask me and I will gladly help 🙂

Cost: Well, it gets a little tricky here. You can go as modest or lavish as you want but depending on the time of year, the average nightly rate of a hotel on Miami Beach is approx $250USD.

5. Do ‘Not So Typical’ Things:

Hami in Miami
My human took this shot….she does NOT have the skills that Dogs Of Fun has.. LOL

Don’t feel like lathering yourself with Hawaiian Tropic Oil and tanning the days away like the old lady in Something About Mary? Then try visiting some other not-so-typical places on the beach that you will surely love.

The Miami Beach Botanical Garden is romantically charming, lush and often has fun events for the whole family. Did I mention that it is also pet friendly?

Cost: Nada. Zilch. Zero. Free admission, Woo- hoo!

My Dogs of Fun PhotoShoot on Ocean Drive:

Affordable Miami Beach
LOOK. HOW. GOOD. I. LOOK!!!!!!! PHOTO: Dogs of Fun Photography
Hami IN Miami

Do you love these professional pics of me on Ocean Drive? Trust, me…I do too!! They were taken by the fabulous Arelis of Dogs of Fun.

Arelis is not only a crazy dog-lover (like all of you reading this) but she also has 15-years of photography experience.

She was super patient with me on our shoot and praised me every time I did a good model pose….And, she made sure to get all my good angles, as you can see from these photos.

I HIGHLY recommend her for your next puppy photoshoot. Wanna see more of her work? Make sure to check out her website. Wanna see daily cute pics of puppies, then make sure to follow her on Instagram.

As far as the Dogs of Fun rates? You will not find a better value out there. For $200USD, you will get an hour photo session with Arelis and access to 20 AMAZING photos.

Remember how you were contemplating getting some pics of your pooch in costume? Yeah, this was the shove you needed. Go ahead, contact Arelis now!

PHOTO: Dogs of Fun Photography, Authentic Dog Photography
PHOTO: Dogs of Fun photography, Authentic Dog Photography

What did you think of my fabulous Dogs of Fun photos? Let me know in the comments below which one is your fave!!

My human can’t decide which one to print and put in our house 🙂

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